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In case of loss of cabin pressure (time to change in-flight safety briefings?)

Yesterday, flying from Paris Charles De Gaulle to Rome Fiumicino with an Alitalia A321, watching the ceiling, I suddenly thought about a brief discussion I had with Monica, a friend of mine, who’s a bit scared about flying and was even more worried about her next flight after reading about the frightening experience of a Meridiana flight that, late in 2010, plunged some thousands feets, after experiencing a pressurization failure. 262 more words


Qantas uncontained engine failure

The recent Qantas B747-400 engine failure that compelled the QF74 on Aug. 31, 2010, to land only 41 minutes after departure from San Francisco (with destination Sydney), has already made the news. 790 more words

Non-military Aviation

The Public deserve answers

Qantas plane makes emergency landing after fuselage rupture

‘Gaping hole from the wing to the underbody’. (Reuters: Handout )

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