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Is the Stock Market Rigged? … and a More Important Question

Is the stock market rigged? Many believe it is … and rightfully so.

However, there are more interesting and pertinent questions, such as:

  • To what extent is the market rigged, and how does it affect me?
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Interest-Rate cuts are not always an economic stimulus

It is one of the themes of this blog that official interest-rate cuts do not always have a beneficial impact on the economy. To be specific once we go below a range around 1.5% to 2% the effect fades and dies in my opinion. 1,344 more words

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Korekiyo Takahashi and Helicopter money

Learn from history: Korekiyo Takahashi and Helicopter money

Three questions left:

  1. What drives the different outcome of helicopter money in the history?
  2. Why did government bond rate remain low and there is no inflation after the unprecedented QE?
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Notes From Underground: The Coup Nobody Discusses, Generalisimo Mario Draghi

Tomorrow the ECB announces its next view on the European economy and the central bank’s unveiling of its efforts to keep DISRUPTING GLOBAL BOND MARKETS… 800 more words


Where the real China Syndrome could begin in the financial markets

Thirty-seven years ago, Columbia Pictures released a fictional thriller movie about a television crew accidentally witnessing – and filming – a near-total meltdown at a nuclear power plant just outside Los Angeles. 899 more words

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Fidelity‘s fund ideas

Three articles from “Fidelity – Markets and Insights – Fund ideas” that shows some recent views of fund managers.

Travelling FAST


“Excessive quantitative easing has meant that asset prices have been inflated and have not reflected underlying fundamentals”, and “I’ve been concerned that such artificial conditions cannot last forever, this has started to play out over the last 12 months.” 280 more words

The problem that is the Buy to Let sector in the UK

A long running theme of this website has been that too much economic effort is put into the housing sector except in the area of building houses. 1,451 more words

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