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The Implications and Rationale of a Negative Rate Policy, A Consumption Point of View

I have recently read 2 interesting posts on negative rates by Stiglitz and Bernanke . Basically, they are trying to assess the impact and effectiveness of central banks pushing down rates to negative territories. 821 more words

Kuroda has no yen to ease

This is what equity markets look like when central bankers run out of bullets.

The Japanese central bank did nothing with rates and stood pat on its QE level and stocks around the world sold off hard. 191 more words


Why Short a company?


My podcast interview with Jim Chanos is live. Audio, transcript, and some commentary all available here: https://t.co/XDNt59rVfN

— Matthew C. Klein (@M_C_Klein) April 25, 2016…

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The Bank of England has squeezed disposable income by inflating housing costs

One of the features of that last 3 years or so in the UK has been the way that house prices have accelerated and left wage growth especially real wage growth way behind. 1,273 more words


The Bank of Japan becomes The Tokyo Whale

Today has already seen some eye-catching and thought-provoking news from the land of the rising sun or Nihon. Fortunately its new stealth fighter has not been seen taking off from its aircraft carriers excuse me helicopter destroyers merely from a runway. 1,443 more words

Quantitative Easing And Extraordinary Monetary Measures

“A Total Illusion from QE and Financial Engineering”

From Wolf Street, by Harry Dent

The 10-Year Treasury Is Less Than You Think

When the Fed was created in 1914, it was set to task of controlling short-term interest rates in an attempt to iron out financial cycles.  263 more words