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Still Smoking In Bed

Analyzing economic and market history can be most instructive and informative. After all, you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. A notable past event in this regard was the 60 Minutes interview with then Fed Chair Ben Bernanke on March 15, 2009. 98 more words

Market Outlook

The UK Public Finances are an ongoing problem

One of the features of the UK economy since the credit crunch has been the change in the Public Finances. The initial decision to bail out the banks made the national debt shoot so high that the establishment introduced plan A which is to produce figures without that. 1,581 more words

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The Bank of England's road to a Bank Rate cut is paved with group think and a lack of diversity

The was indeed something in the air last night almost as if Steven Gerrard was in control of events and everybody had to listen to Phil Collins on repeat. 1,548 more words

General Economics

Recycling is good for the liquidity environment: Why ending QE shouldn’t stop banks from being able to make CHAPS payments

Evangelos Benos & Gary Harper.

Since QE began, banks have had a lot more liquidity to make payments. But some have argued (in a nutshell) that banks are reliant on this extra liquidity to make their CHAPS payments and it would be difficult to remove it from the system. 1,421 more words

Monetary Policy

Notes From Underground: People Get Ready, There's a Train (Chambers Brothers & Curtis Mayfield)

“There ain’t no room for the hopeless sinners,

who’s hurt all mankind just to save his own,

have  pity on those whose chances grow thinner…

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Economist 5/10/16

  1. Data released today show a 2.3% year-on-year rise in consumer prices in April, in China keeping pace with March. Investors worry this might force China to rein in its stimulus.
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Donald Trump Gets Something Right: The US Can Avoid Defaults by Printing Money

Donald Trump is getting mocked on the internet for declaring that:

This is the United States government. First of all, you never have to default because you print the money.

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