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Quantitative easing is like heroin, says former Treasury official

The Guardian

Nick Macpherson says it’s ‘time to move on’ from QE, nearly 10 years after the financial crash, because of its unwanted side-effects 472 more words

The Jackson Hole symposium should embace lower inflation

Later this week the world’s central banks will gather at the economics symposium of the US Kansas Federal Reserve at Jackson Hole in Wyoming. The description can be found below. 1,286 more words

Quantitative Easing And Extraordinary Monetary Measures

UK Opposition Leader Calls For "People's QE" - It's Venezuela With Tea & Cakes

Authored by Daniel Lacalle via The Mises Institute, It is sad to see that, facing the evidence of the failure of demand-side policies and money printing , many commentators propose some of the most outdated and failed policies in modern economic history. 16 more words

What is the state of play in the UK car loan market?

One of the features of the last few years has been the boom in car finance in the UK. This has led to a subsequent rise in car sales leading to something of a boom for the UK automotive sector.  1,209 more words

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Mother says thank you to unit for saving son's life

A mother from Pott Row has donated £500 to say thank you to the doctors and nurses who saved the life of her son. 163 more words

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn

Raising awareness of Stoma Care

The stigma of having a stoma bag will be lifted during an exhibition organised by specialist nurses from The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 166 more words

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn

What’s Keeping Italy’s Government Debt from Blowing Up?

Even Italian banks are dumping Italian government bonds.

New statistical data from the investment bank Jefferies LLC has revealed a startling new trend that could have major implications for Europe’s economic future: Italian banks have begun dumping unprecedented volumes of Italian sovereign debt. 188 more words