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It’s The US Dollar, Stupid!

By Ed Bugos – Re-Blogged From http://www.Gold-Eagle.com

Don’t let the bull-tards tell you the stock market over here is falling because of China’s problems, or Grexit, or fear of the nebulous Fed rate hike. 982 more words

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Is the Fed Behind Market Jump? Many Voices Say 'Yes'

The Dow Jones “miraculously” soared to a 600-point spike on Wednesday, after losses of nearly 2,000 points over the previous three trading days. This has once again raised the obvious question of whether the Fed intervened to prevent the continuing meltdown. 527 more words

Glass Steagall

LaRouche: The Trans-Atlantic System Is Over; Replace it Now

As of Monday, Aug. 24, the entire trans-Atlantic system is over, Lyndon LaRouche stated yesterday. We are now facing a global, systemic meltdown of the system, which is going to produce wild, unpredictable effects across the planet in the days and weeks ahead. 1,135 more words

Glass Steagall

China’s meltdown shows the country is out of control

Global stock markets have rebounded after the shock of Black Monday, but worries over the Chinese economy are not over, in fact they are just beginning. 992 more words


Notes From Underground: When China Shakes, the West Rattles and Rolls

Mao, Deng and Xi, oh my! It seems whenever China releases economic data, the U.S. markets and its developed market cousins either go into an orgasmic paroxysm or a spasm of pain. 782 more words


How will the current financial market turmoil affect the UK economy?

At the moment all eyes are on China as it faces yet more stock market turmoil. My subject of Friday looked into the chaos theory view of the impact of a butterfly fluttering its wings and this morning they have certainly fluttered with the Shanghai Composite falling some 8.7% to 3211. 1,339 more words

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