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Fed As Interest-Rate Crackheads? The Funny Letter Received By Former FOMC’er Bob McTeer Regarding Cocaine Junkies

A Benjamin Cole post

“What is it about the Fed and raising rates? They are addicted to it like a junkie is addicted to cocaine as the one answer to every situation other than outright depression.”—A letter received by Bob McTeer, former Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) member, as revealed on his… 385 more words

Monetary Policy

Markets suffer terminal trading with Bloomberg outage

Well anyone reading here already knew this, but WSJ’s Jon Hilsenrath — often referred to as the Fed’s mouthpiece — writes that the Fed may not be able to raise rates at June meeting. 204 more words


Cautious Conversations

John Williams: “I think the data show that U.S. inflation can be easily modeled in the following way: It runs about 2 percent, and then there is some fluctuation from commodity/import prices and the amount of slack in the labor market…to me it’s not that much of a puzzle that underlying inflation is running about half a percentage point below our 2 percent goal.”  Furthermore, “I don’t think speaks in any way to whether the U.S. 457 more words

Could Bunds hit -20bps?

As the ECB ratchets up its asset-buying programme, the question stands: how low can yields go? At the start of the year yields had some expectations of QE priced in.  310 more words


Notes From Underground: The Fed, Simon Potter and the Sorcerer's Apprentice

Another day of market volatility caused by __________ (fill in the blank). It seems that many pundits and talking heads have a cacophony of excuses for the recent bout of market moves that seem to be random and non-correlative. 892 more words


Day 72: 180 Turn around

$5.15 $1,029.55

Ended the day positive but surely not with a smile. The day started off early with an ECB meeting which lunged the Euro high while reciprocating the same for my day’s profits. 205 more words

Guess who holds even more US debt than China or Japan

Two of America’s largest creditors, Japan and China, are about to switch places.

Over the last few months, China has been slowly cutting back on its Treasury holdings as Japan has continued to build them up. 162 more words