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Notes From Underground: Now Starring in the Music Man ... Mario Draghi as Professor Harold Hill

Oh yes, we got trouble right here in Frankfurt City! It rhymes with T and starts with G and is spelled Germany. Today (and of no genuine market surprise), the… 784 more words


Central banks face an inflation inspired policy exit dilemma

Later today the ECB ( European Central Bank) will announce it latest policy decisions on interest-rates and extraordinary monetary policy such as QE ( Quantitative Easing) asset purchases. 1,378 more words

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Προειδοποίηση-Παράκληση: Όποιος δεν είναι διατεθειμένος να διαβάσει ένα κείμενο ακριβώς 3.411 λέξεων που κατά 79,03% δεν αποτελεί άρθρο γνώμης να μην χασομερήσει προχωρώντας στην επόμενη παράγραφο. 453 more words


Portugal is struggling to escape from its economic woes

Late on Friday (at least for those of us mere mortals who do not get the 24 hour warning) came the news that the ratings agency DBRS had reduced Italy to a BBB rating. 1,395 more words

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The economic problem that is Italy continues

Today brings the economic situation in Italy into focus as it readies itself for a ratings review. Friday the 13th may not be the most auspicious of days for that! 1,297 more words

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When will the Riksbank of Sweden cross it's own Rubicon?

This week is posing more than a few questions for the pattern of world monetary policy and it is only Thursday morning. It is hard not to have a wry smile at my own country where the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney was busy talking the UK Pound £ down yesterday as well as performing a hand brake U-Turn and I believe a hand stand only to be well,Trumped later! 1,174 more words

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Is Germany an economic miracle or a deflationary force?

There has been a raft of economic data out of the Federal Republic of Germany this morning but before we get to that there are two major themes I wish to point out. 1,358 more words

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