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MIPS QEMU v2. release

Yongbok Kim announced a release candidate of MIPS QEMU. Go get the code  or read the release notes below: 84 more words



Yongbok Kim of IMG is proposing microMIPS support in QEMU. If you’re interested see his description and share your thoughts.


new tool: Visual UEFI for Windows

Alex Ionescu just created a new project to help with Visual Studio / EDK-II integration.

Finally decided to do something about EDK-II being a mess. Introducing…

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Openstack vulnerability with QCOW2 images

Today Tristan Cacqueray of Red Hat — and of the OpenStack Vulnerability Management Team — reported a CVE-backed issue with Glance, and it’s use of QCOW2 (“QEMU Copy On Write”, a QEMU-based image format). 192 more words


Today on the UEFI development list, Laszlo Ersek of Redhat announced an OVMF BOF at the upcoming KVM Forum, including Paolo Bonzini speaking on adding SMM to OVMF for KVM and Tianocore. 678 more words

Porting Newlib to run on qemu emulated ARM connex board

In order run more advanced programs we need to compile our code with a C library to access commonly used functions such as malloc() and printf(). 1,849 more words