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Learning GDB #2

This post talks about running GDB with or1k as target running on QEMU platform. We will discuss two different approach to begin working with QEMU. 263 more words


NEMU: fork of QEMU by Intel

https://t.co/RrZAQPhCWQ NEMU — stripped down QEMU fork by Intel

— Dan Kaminsky (@dakami) June 11, 2018

NEMU is an open source hypervisor specifically built and designed to run modern cloud workloads on modern 64-bit Intel and ARM CPUs.

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TPM 2.0 in QEMU

Useful post by Serge Hallyn, "TPM 2.0 in qemu",

— James Morris (@xjamesmorris) June 6, 2018

If you want to test software which exploits TPM 2.0 functionality inside the qemu-kvm emulator, this can be challenging because the software stack is still quite new.

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QEMU Image Format

Disini akan penulis tulisakan tipe-tipe format QEMU image yang biasa digunakan untuk image QEMU yang digunakan untuk menginstall sebuah virtual machine.

Qemu mendukung beberapa tipe, namun disarankan adalah  224 more words


QEMU v2.12.0 released (with Spectre/Meltdown update)

QEMU version 2.12.0 released
24 Apr 2018
This release contains 2700+ commits from 204 authors.

* Spectre/Meltdown mitigation support for x86/pseries/s390 guests.
* Better IPMI support for Platform Events and SEL logging in internal BMC emulation… 124 more words

QEMU has RISC-V support

The new QEMU 2.12.0 is the first official QEMU version to contain a @risc_v port and also supports @Raspberry_Pi 3. Learn more: https://t.co/Eb3PkxCEUj

— RISC-V (@risc_v) …

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