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Reclaim storage space from qcow2 image after moving

After it is moved to another host, since it is a sparse file, the qcow2 takes the full space, e.g. if it was dynamically set to 100GB, it will take 100GB, even if only 50 GB were actually used. 35 more words

QEMU > Virtualbox

Ok, I’m not an expert on this . So , feel free to correct meĀ  ^_^

So, I set up Manjaro Linux on my computer and was very happy with it (screenshot of my Manjaro Linux desktop is the featured image <3 ).I wanted to test out Kali Linux.A dear friend of mine, Shashank, is a pro user of it ( 255 more words


Pyrebox is a new Qemu-based dynamic instrumentation tool with Python scripts, from Cisco Talos! #CapstoneInsidehttps://t.co/QRAeiIE7Ga pic.twitter.com/3125wSi4hC

— Capstone Engine (@capstone_engine) July 18, 2017

PyREBox is a Python scriptable Reverse Engineering sandbox.

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Alex updates smmtestbuildscript for Fedora 26 and QEMU 2.9

A while ago[1], Alex Floyd of PreOS Security wrote a shell script to help codify this wiki article[2] by Laslo Ersek of Red Hat, setting up a UEFI SMM/OVMF testing environment for Fedora-based systems. 74 more words

UEFI/SMM stability and performance improvements in QEMU 2.9 and edk2/OVMF git 296153c5, included with Fedora 26

Fedora 26 just released, and it ships with QEMU v2.9 and an updated OVMF, which adds SMM security improvements. Quoting email from Laszlo Ersek of Red Hat: 284 more words

Installing Qemu on FreeBSD 11


QEMU is a hypervisor, that can emulate many number of architectures.Some of the architectures include:


QEMU Debugging and TIL

This week was busy.

I helped co-teach an improv rehearsal while my coach was away, spontaneously went to see a movie with friends, finished some good books (Debugging by David Agans and How to Read A Book by Mortimer J. 954 more words