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How to setup ASA 5520 on GNS3

GNS3 (Graphical Network Simulator) is a fabulous open source software that emulates the routers and other networking hardware. It’s widely used for studying, designing and testing the networks. 369 more words

FMK QEMU firmware analysis video tutorial

Daniel Miessler points out that Craig Smith has a video tutorial on firmware analysis of QEMU-based systems and FMK.

[ TUTORIAL ] Firmware Emulation and Analysis with QEMU | …

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QEMU-System-x86_64: Guest moved used index

Problem Description:

So, if you’re running KVM/QEMU guest domains in Fedora Server 22, it seems that adding a network device to a guest while it is operational may result in a subsequent failure to boot the guest domain (the qemu process crashes as soon as GRUB launches the Fedora kernel, if the guest OS is Fedora) with an error message in /var/log/libvirt/qemu/guestname.log that looks something like this: 260 more words

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SeaBIOS gets TPM2 security

BIOS was designed in the era of the initial IBM PC, running IBM PC-DOS — when DOS meant Disk Operating System not Denial of Service — back when there was no security in any hardware, firmware, or software designs. 671 more words

ARM TrustZone support for QEMU

qemu-trustzone: Experimental QEMU version w/ basic support for ARM TrustZone (security extensions) – https://t.co/9cLBwEb9Ie via @insitusec

— Pau Oliva (@pof) December 31, 2015

“Experimental version of QEMU with basic support for ARM TrustZone (security extensions)”


Virtualizing Windows (and simplifying my life)

At our school, we’ve been running Fedora on most of the desktops since Fedora 8, but the one department that’s stuck with Windows is the accounting department, mainly because their software is Windows-only.  434 more words