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oVirt: Power Management for Nested Hypervisors


A helpful resource for people out there testing and/or developing oVirt is the “Nested KVM”. You can enable a base system to expose the virtualization extension to the VM, then VM will have the “vmx” or “svm” extension available, what makes VM eligible to act as an oVirt Hypervisor. 1,861 more words


Inside the Linux Kernel Build Process

To Understanding Linux Kernel can be a difficult task, since its too large source code  to simply go through the code to follow what is happening. 1,524 more words

ARM Versatile Express Emulation On Qemu: From Scratch

In My previous Tutorial about Buildroot explains the complete Embedded Linux Emulation on ARM Versatile Board (QEMU) using automated Buildroot tools. Now lets look in to some basics elements of Embedded Linux System and compile a Linux kernel for an ARM architecture from scratch. 1,216 more words

Installing qemu with kvm and virt-manager

I have used Oracle Virtualbox before. It has an easy and intuitive UI, supports all the features I needed and is open-source. But this time I decided to use another widely recognized virtualization solution on Linux, qemu, along with kvm. 439 more words


Buildroot :- Inside Out

Will try to explore more about my previous blog .

What is the defconfig files present in /config folder..?

When you issue a  command in terminal… 852 more words

Build Your ARM Image for QEMU

Hello there! I’ve been using QEMU for a while. Recently, I updated my ARM image and found that it has some difficulties to make an ARM image and could be an impossible job for those who are not familiar with embedded systems. 5,851 more words