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Display IP address in banner text

Rather then use the console when working on a system I generally prefer to connect remotely using ‘ssh’ as it is so much easier to be able to cut and paste from a terminal session on my workstation that way. 953 more words


Fedora 25 is out, virt-builder images available

$ virt-builder -l | grep fedora-25
fedora-25                x86_64     Fedora® 25 Server
fedora-25                i686       Fedora® 25 Server (i686)
fedora-25                aarch64    Fedora® 25 Server (aarch64)
fedora-25                armv7l     Fedora® 25 Server (armv7l)
fedora-25                ppc64      Fedora® 25 Server (ppc64)
fedora-25                ppc64le    Fedora® 25 Server (ppc64le)
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How to create a CentOS 7 KVM image with Packer

Packer is a tool to automate the installation and provisioning of virtual machines to generate images for various platforms. You can have, for example, images for your test environment created with QEMU/KVM or Docker and images for your production environment created as Amazon AMI or VMware VMX images. 2,215 more words


Gluster as Block Storage with qemu-tcmu

In this blog we shall see

  1. Terminology and background
  2. Our approach
  3. Setting up
    • Gluster Setup
    • Tcmu-Runner
    • Qemu and Target Setup
    • iSCSI Initiator
  4. Conclusion
  5. Similar Topics…
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Installing Debian on QEMU's 32-bit ARM "virt" board

In this post I’m going to describe how to set up Debian on QEMU emulating a 32-bit ARM “virt” board. There are a lot of older tutorials out there which suggest using boards like “versatilepb” or “vexpress-a9”, but these days “virt” is a far better choice for most people, so some documentation of how to use it seems overdue. 1,258 more words


Upgrading a KVM/QEMU Windows Guest Domain to Windows 10

You are likely to run into the following error during the upgrade process:

Windows 10 installation failed in SAFE_OS phas with error during boot

The error code reported to you when you reboot the system and it rolls back changes into the old OS is likely:

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Extending Storage for an LVM-Backed Windows Guest Domain with KVM/QEMU

Well that was significantly more painful than I had anticipated.  Here’s the quick and dirty instruction set which involves multiple tools, perhaps needlessly, since I was investigating the issue for some time: 256 more words

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