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FreeBSD and OpenZFS Enable Scientific Discovery: How Long Do Seagate Hard Disks Live?

Ok, I don’t usually post little “yay for me” articles ’round here, but I’ve been buried in work to the point of not being able to post much at all so at the risk of taking a solid step in a bad direction for the blog, I’ll provide some evidence of the value in running an arrangement as described in the Engineering Walden Technical Reference Model: 298 more words

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Install and Configure KVM on LinuxMint 18.1

install and configure KVM on LinuxMint 18.1 it’s little bit tricky. you can follow tutorial in this link after installation process finished, you may experiece error regarding display console: can not open spice console, as mentioned and explained… 115 more words

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Shmoocon 2017: On Not Reverse Engineering Through Emulation

Right now, I’m at Shmoocon, and it’s living up to all expectations. That’s a tall order — last year, the breakout talk was from on… 413 more words


Leif on QEMU and USB host device pass-through

Leif has a new blog post on using UEFI with USB pass-through.

[…]”One thing that is unsurprising, but very cool and useful, is that this works well cross-architecture. 55 more words

Enabling compression on base-images in Unetlab/EVE-NG Alpha


In this small tutorial we’ll see how to enable QEMU image compression on compress base images in Unetlab/EVE-NG Alpha. For some detail about where files are stored, have a look to my previous post  569 more words

Modifying base-images with snapshots on Unetlab/EVE-NG Alpha


Unetlab/EVE-NG (Alpha) is a great tool you can use for learning about networking with different platforms (Dynamips routers, IOL, QEMU images). I won’t get into details about how to prepare the environment, you can find a lot of useful information on their site  2,188 more words


ARM Versatile Express Emulation On Qemu From Scratch : Part 2

In My previous Tutorial ARM Versatile Express Emulation On Qemu From Scratch :Part 1 i have explained how to setup Embedded Linux Setup using Qemu, Cross-compiling Linux source code for ARM target , Cross_compiling Compiling Busybox-based Rootfile system. 850 more words