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UEFI-Dev-x86: Docker/QEMU-based UEFI app dev environment

Re-usable UEFI app development testbed. Once in the shell type “FS0:” and then “main.efi”. Requires Docker.


docker-edk2-uefi: Docker container for Tianocore EDK2 dev

I have been messing with UEFI. If you feel like doing the same, I made a docker container that will get you as far as a UEFI shell in qemu.

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Get started with virtual machines. Source 5: “Open VM Tools” Make your Virtual machine more usable

To make your Virtual machine more usable you must use virtual machine tools. The Open VM Tools is virtual machine tools are open source.
The vm tools (virtual machine tools) is a program that run inside the guest OS and then enable Some Great features inside the VM. 27 more words

Get started with Virtual Machines. Source 4: About QEMU

A much different virtual machine Virtualization Software, is the QEMU. This is UNIX command line virtualization (Emulator) software that is for advanced users. You can read a good… 50 more words

Fedora/RISC-V: Runnable stage 4 disk images

We’ve now got:

  1. An autobuilder.
  2. A multithreaded QEMU.
  3. A Fedora RPMs repository.
  4. A bootable disk image.

It’s unpolished and minimal at the moment, but what you can do today (if you have a Fedora 27+ x86_64 host): 95 more words