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Shmoocon 2017: On Not Reverse Engineering Through Emulation

Right now, I’m at Shmoocon, and it’s living up to all expectations. That’s a tall order — last year, the breakout talk was from on… 413 more words


Leif on QEMU and USB host device pass-through

Leif has a new blog post on using UEFI with USB pass-through.

[…]”One thing that is unsurprising, but very cool and useful, is that this works well cross-architecture. 55 more words

Modifying base-images with snapshots on Unetlab/EVE-NG Alpha


Unetlab/EVE-NG (Alpha) is a great tool you can use for learning about networking with different platforms (Dynamips routers, IOL, QEMU images). I won’t get into details about how to prepare the environment, you can find a lot of useful information on their site  2,188 more words


ARM Versatile Express Emulation On Qemu From Scratch : Part 2

In My previous Tutorial ARM Versatile Express Emulation On Qemu From Scratch :Part 1 i have explained how to setup Embedded Linux Setup using Qemu, Cross-compiling Linux source code for ARM target , Cross_compiling Compiling Busybox-based Rootfile system. 850 more words

How to install and use SPICE for VMs in Debian, Ubuntu or Mint

SPICE is a suite of tools for interfacing with desktop-oriented Virtual Machines. I’ve been using it for a couple of years, on Fedora and CentOS systems, mostly for Windows VMs that I required for work. 101 more words


How to Have Cisco ASA-5520 on GNS3

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) is an all-in-one security device encompassing firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities. ASA defends some of the largest networks such as Internet backbones, service providers and enterprise networks, as the cyber attacks, malware and… 537 more words


Supernested on the QEMU Advent Calendar

I wrote supernested a few years ago to see if I could break nested KVM. It works by repeatedly nesting KVM guests until either something breaks or the whole thing grinds to a halt. 59 more words