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Fedora/RISC-V: Runnable stage 4 disk images

We’ve now got:

  1. An autobuilder.
  2. A multithreaded QEMU.
  3. A Fedora RPMs repository.
  4. A bootable disk image.

It’s unpolished and minimal at the moment, but what you can do today (if you have a Fedora 27+ x86_64 host): 95 more words

Fedora/RISC-V: the final bootstrap

There are bootable (but very minimal) disk images built cleanly from RPMs: https://fedorapeople.org/groups/risc-v/disk-images/

More soon …

Roll Your Own Raspberry Pi OS

Writing an operating system is no small task, but like everything else it is easier than it used to be. has a tutorial on how to create… 172 more words

Raspberry Pi

#Comparacion de #Virtuales #VirtualBox contra #Docker #Xen #KVM

Rapida comparativa entre contenedores y virtuales, es uan clara desicion entre rapidez o seguridad y facilidad de administracion: 811 more words


FreeBSD-UEFI-secure-boot: notes on setting up FreeBSD in QEMU


“Some instructions about setting up secure boot on FreeBSD in Qemu or on  hardware. Uses a single combined loader and kernel, instead of a multi-stage boot process.”

Documentation of QEMU Block Device Operations

QEMU Block Layer currently (as of QEMU 2.10) supports four major kinds of live block device jobs – stream, commit, mirror, and… 198 more words

Setting up Network on Arch Linux as Qemu guest OS

There are a few websites regarding it, but with unclear or incomplete instructions. So here is my guide to it

              1. Create a file /etc/qemu-ifup
              2. Give permission 755 to it…
  1. 61 more words