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qboot, new x86 firmware for qemu

Last week, Paolo Bonzini of Red Hat announced qboot, a new x86 firmware option for QEMU. qboot is a minimal x86 firmware that runs on QEMU and, together with a slimmed-down QEMU configuration, boots a virtual machine in 40 milliseconds on an Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor. 32 more words

GNS3 Qemu and OSX Yosemite - Part 2

I am assuming the reason you are reading this is that the Part 1 did not work. I am hoping that this one will.

If the .vmdk image display some information such as below (The sample below has been converted to .vdi) 261 more words


GNS3 Qemu and OSX Yosemite - Part 1

Yesterday was the day I started messing around with GNS3. I found the problem¬†very quickly that I couldn’t run vIOS L2 on my Macbook Pro. 393 more words


QEMU and Linux Kernel

The original and complete text can be found here.

QEMU can be used for debugging Linux kernel. The text below, is small piece of the entire text which can be found… 198 more words


ThreatSTOP's Anti-Venom for CVE-2015-3456

A critical vulnerability identified by the National Vulnerability Database as CVE-2015-3456 or VENOM was published yesterday. It affects all KVM guests running on QEMU–a widely used emulator for virtual server hosting. 422 more words

ThreatSTOP In Use

VENOM threatens data centers, but it's not the next Heartbleed

A researcher at CrowdStrike has discovered a security vulnerability that could allow hackers to break through the barriers between virtual machines, allowing them access to information stored in data centers that rely on the technology. 336 more words


Amazon says its cloud not bitten by Venom flaw

Amazon issued a pretty strong, if detail-free, statement that its cloud services have not been affected by the scary-sounding Venom bug disclosed on Wednesday morning. 541 more words