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emulating raspbian in qemu on host raspbian [raspberrypi]

i was using the same instruction like there:

setting it up that way took maybe an hour or so.
booting raspbian took round about 30 minutes. 25 more words

Raspberry Pi

emulate raspbian in qemu [debian]

based on:

install qemu and git-core:
sudo apt-get install -y qemu git-core

check if your qemu supports the arcitecture:
qemu-arm -cpu ?
#search for “arm1136” if it is in list your version of qemu works with the instruction… 207 more words


QEMU - main-loop: WARNING: I/O thread spun for 1000 iterations

When upgrading the virtual machine I use, I stumbled upon an issue where the guest OS would hang every time when performing any kind of heavy hard drive I/O. 74 more words


ReactOS livecd on android devices under qemu

This document just shows how to mount iso images in qemu for android:


haven’t tried it yet. hopefully using hard drive images works too.

Virtualization vs. Containers - a fight you should never have

I have some time to while away before I get on to a plane to head back home to my amazing wife and often-amazing zoo of animals. 749 more words


SerialICE build.sh error - Lua version >= 5.3 not found.

I ran into this issue while trying to build serialICE on Ubuntu 14.04. Ubuntu’s pkg-config was unable to detect a package that I had to manually compile and install Lua5.3. 533 more words


The Electric Mountain: The Engineering Walden Project Technical Reference Model

  Schematic Overview

This is best opened in a companion window to be referenced while reading the following information.

Summary of the Engineering Walden Project

Basically, the goal here is to provide a platform on which I can build any operating system and application implementation combination that I see fit, pursuant to the goals laid forth in… 4,331 more words

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