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주변기술 시리즈 #4, KVM live-migration internal

주변기술 시리즈 #4, KVM live-migration (가상머신의 라이브마이그레이션)

가상화 기술의 장점중 하나가 바로 라이브마이그레이션입니다. 라이브마이그레이션이 필요한 이유는 여러가지가 있으나 결과적으로 가상머신의 downtime을 줄이고 서비스의 High Availability를 달성하기 위함이라고 볼 수 있습니다. 100 more words


Symmetric Multiprocessing Scheduler Improvement Forthcoming in Kernel 4.3

Thanks to Phoronix, here’s the Git entry.

This might actually substantially improve performance on KVM hosts with multicore guest domains, especially those with overcommitted processors.  72 more words

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QEMU Disk Management

When I first got started with QEMU, I simply created .qcow images, assuming the formatting would be based on the file extension. I was either wrong or they changed how qemu views the file. 161 more words

Disk Management

Nested virtualization and the network issue.

Nested virtualization [1] is a nice feature where it’s able to run a virtual machine within another. KVM [2] has support to nested virtualization [3] since 2010 (if I’m not wrong) and you can use it to test virtualization features and/or aspects in a different Linux distribution, or even Windows system. 211 more words


Troubleshooting DLNA Discovery: Plex Media Server on a KVM/QEMU Emulated Fedora 22 Server

TL;DR:  If you’re running a Plex Media Server in a guest domain on a KVM/QEMU/libvirt-based hypervisor platform, make sure that the bridge you use to provide network access to the guest domain (such as macvtap) is configured in the host OS such that the allmulti flag is enabled.  942 more words

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