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Unitary Twist Field Sim Update

I have been developing and refining CUDA code that runs a simulation of the Unitary Twist Field theory. This theory essentially says that all particles and exchange particles have an underlying “precursor” field. 685 more words


Simulating the Universe

That title is a bit of a tease, although it is what I’m trying to do, at least on some level. I went through a major redo of my physics simulation software because it was based on the Unity environment, which, while easy to get working and makes use of physics intrinsics built into the Unity graphics environment, turned out not to be suitable for my sim runs. 868 more words


Discovery: Precursor Field has Two Stable Potential Wells

My work described on this blog can be summarized as trying to find and validate a field that could sustain a particle zoo. Previous posts on this blog detail the required characteristics and constraints on one such field, which I call a precursor field. 769 more words


What is Quantum Field Theory?

A brief post today explaining the motivations for and success of Quantum Field Theory. Here at RTU we’ve given you a fair bit of exposure to the quirks and eccentricities of the Quantum Mechanical world (check out… 562 more words


Maudie (2017)

Film: Maudie (2017)

Where: Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast

When: 04.08.2017 22 more words


The Mystery of Particle Quark Combinations

Whenever I lose my car keys, I look in a set of established likely places. If that doesn’t work, I have two choices–look again thinking I didn’t look closely enough, or decide the keys are not where I would expect and start looking in unusual places. 758 more words


A Man Called Ove (2017)

Film: A Man Called Ove (2017)

Where: ¬†Queen’s Film Theatre

When: 02.07.2017 16 more words