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Things You Should Know if You Go: Using QFT in the Grade 7 “Amazing Race”

The Amazing Race is an integrated project in grade 7 which combines learning in geography, math, Language Arts, French, and physical education. It has become part of a culminating assessment project at the end of our school year. 393 more words



So myself and Aodhan met with Adrian from the QFT to discuss the possibility of our Wrap Party being held there. Before we went we decided to met up and discuss how we would approach the meeting. 195 more words


Plan of Action

After our initial brainstorm as a group we had a lot of ideas that formed a great basis to start organising the QFT event. Although originally, it was expressed to us that the Wrap Party was our ‘blow out’ and a chance to enjoy the night as a class and unwind, and that bombarding studios with invitations wasn’t neccessary this has recently been rethought. 828 more words


More on the QFT

So I have been selected as a member of the group responsible for organising the QFT Wrap Party. So I decided to gather more information on the venue: 363 more words



So our journey at University of Ulster is in its final stretch and graduation is only a few months away and one more semester worth of work. 548 more words


Super Bowl 2016: An Inquiry Based Lesson for Math and Science

This blog is dedicated to my math and science teacher friends and the #FlintWaterCrisis.

Did you see the Super Bowl 2016 Colgate commercial about about conserving water? 155 more words

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Upgrade Those ERWC Units

Part of the ELA curriculum at both my previous school and current school include the integration of ERWC units. The Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum, developed by the Cal States, focuses on engaging students in the reading and writing of Expository texts. 381 more words