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CinePunked: It's Alive!

We’re back at the QFT on Saturday 8 October 2016 from 8.30pm to get you in the mood for the darker nights as we talk Universal’s classic horror cinema. 68 more words

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CinePunked: The Fabulous Cinema of Amelie:

Film historian Robert JE Simpson and BelfastFilm’s Conor Smyth lead an interactive discussion on modern cinema classic Amélie at the QFT in Belfast this Saturday 3 September 2016 as part of the 30 Under 30 series being run by QFT in association with the Belfast Film Festival, the Nerve Centre and Strand Arts Centre. 137 more words

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Quantizing Fields--Twist Field vs. Semiclassical and Canonical Field Quantization

I’ve done all this work/discussion here about this unitary twist field scheme and how it uses quantized rotations to a background imaginary axis. While my primary intent is for my benefit (keep track of where I am and to organize my thinking) I’ve tried to make it readable and clear for any readers that happen to be following my efforts. 827 more words



“Spooky action at a distance”, as Einstein called it, refers to the experimental fact that particles can impact each other instantly, even when separated by sizable distances. 689 more words

Quantum Field Theory

Dear New York Times

In the write-up (“With faint chirp, scientists prove Einstein correct”, p. A1, 2/12/16) we study that black holes were part of Einstein’s theory. The reality is quite different. 279 more words

Quantum Field Theory

Local Gauge and CPT transformations invariance of the Schrödinger field

Recently I’ve been taking a seminar in Neutrino physics and while learning a little bit about symmetries, we showed the local Gauge and transformations invariance of the Dirac Lagrangian with electromagnetic coupling. 2,111 more words


Brain Food Fridays: Questions instead of Answers

This week’s link was shared with me by Michelle and looks at the importance of getting students to ask questions.

In a recent blog post, Katie L Martin asks “Are we asking the right questions in school? 333 more words