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20th Century Women (2017)

Film: 20th Century Women (2017)

Where?: Queen’s Film Theatre

When?: 16.02.2017 12 more words


Who Killed Schrodinger's Cat?

In 1935 Erwin Schrödinger illustrated a hypothetical experiment to show that something is incorrect with the traditional analysis of Quantum Mechanics.

One can even set up quite ridiculous cases. 661 more words

Quantum Field Theory

From Planck Data to Planck Era: Observational Tests of Holographic Cosmology


We test a class of holographic models for the very early Universe against cosmological observations and find that they are competitive to the standard cold dark matter model with a cosmological constant (ΛCDM) of cosmology. 157 more words


Special Relativity and Unitary Twist Field Theory--Addendum

If you read my last post on the special relativity connection to this unitary twist field idea, you would be forgiven for thinking I’m still stuck in classical physics thinking, a common complaint for beginning physics students. 139 more words


I Am A Bad Person. I Do Not Like Musicals

Yesterday afternoon I went to see La La Land. I knew I was not going to enjoy this movie but I went anyway. I keep trying with musicals. 1,232 more words


Romano's Top 5 Movies of 2016

From the end of July 2016, myself and Nicky have been keeping track of all the films that we’ve watched. Below is my Top Five films that we’ve seen in 2016 since we started keeping a record. 36 more words