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Are Christians Being Censored?

It emerged this week that Queen’s Film Theatre (QFT) in Belfast has refused to screen a movie made by the Core Issues Trust (CIT) – an evangelical group – claiming that homosexuality can be “cured.” Thus far QFT hasn’t given any reason for refusing to screen the movie. 757 more words


Bosons and their Interactions

Welcome back! In this discussion, we will explore the physics of interacting bosons. Our aim is to understand the various additions and omissions as we go from the classical theory to weakly coupled quantum theories, to situations where quantum fluctuations drastically modify classical predictions. 1,723 more words

What Am I Doing? What Am I 'Not' Doing?

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in quite some time. Maybe you didn’t. That’s ok too. I am not hibernating, though it’s been so cold in East Belfast, the idea of disappearing under my duvet with a bar of Caramac and re-emerging in May, seems infinitely appealing. 874 more words


Unitary Twist Field Model for the Weak Force

The Unitary Twist Field theory posits that the particle zoo and corresponding exchange particles could form from a rotation (unitary magnitude) vector field.  I have put together a simulation of this field and appear to have confirmed it can form stable particles of various sorts, including a qualitative model using linked closed loops for quarks and the strong force.  620 more words


Is it Time to Conform?

Have you ever been put into one of those extremely awkward situations where you adapt to the another person’s mindset? For instance, one of your friend keeps on talking about the science behind photosynthesis, but you know he’s entirely in the wrong; however, he’s a pretty stubborn person so you just kind of nod your head reassuringly and conform to his beliefs just so the conversation can end. 890 more words


Details of the Linear Twist Sim

(Updates 1 and 2 below)

It’s been an amazing week working on the unitary twist field sim.  Most of the kinks in the sim coding are fixed, and what I’m finding in the sim results I think are astonishing.  798 more words


2017 in Films

I don’t think 2017 was a great year for films. The beginning of the year was clogged up with a lot of stodgy, overly long Oscar contenders, ( 663 more words