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Movement data in GIS #7: animated trajectories with TimeManager

In this post, we use TimeManager to visualize the position of a moving object over time along a trajectory. This is another example of what is possible thanks to QGIS’ … 340 more words


MAGIC Emergency Preparedness Project: Analyzing the 2017 Meramec River Flood

I was privileged with the opportunity to work on the MAGIC Emergency Preparedness project as a part of the NASA SEES High School Internship program. My team included myself, Janine Fleming, Rishu Mohanka, Valerie Chen, Sam Mosby, and Sara Komaiha. 1,286 more words


Detecting water areas on satellite images with computer vision

So, now we know how to start working with satellite images in Open CV. Let’s try to play with it a bit!

We’re gonna automatically detect some areas on this image. 1,113 more words


Dynamic styling expressions with aggregates & variables

In a recent post, we used aggregates for labeling purposes. This time, we will use them to create a dynamic data driven style, that is, a style that automatically adjusts to the minimum and maximum values of any numeric field … and that field will be specified in a variable! 320 more words


Using Trigonometry To Place And Orientate Labels

Geologists display the dip and strike of rock layers on geological maps using a dip and strike symbol, where dip in degrees indicates the maximum angle a rock layer descends relative to the horizontal. 538 more words


Quantum GIS - 6 Kelebihan QGIS Berbanding Perisian GIS Yang Lain

Nota Kecil Sebelum Bermula

Saya cuma mengulas dari sudut pandang seorang jurutera yang bukan seorang pakar dalam GIS. Namun saya melihat kelebihan perisian ini apabila banyak menggunakannya sejak tahun 2010. 836 more words


How to convert Excel to GIS data in QGIS using Spreadsheet Layers plugin

How to convert Excel to GIS data in QGIS using Spreadsheet Layers plugin

Let’s say you have some survey of Parks, and the data is in Excel format, for example, because it was done by non-GIS people. 446 more words