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GIS For Biologists: Tip #10 - How To Transfer Data Between A GPS And A GIS Project

The availability of cheap handheld GPS receivers, and indeed the inclusion of GPS receivers in almost all new smart phones and tablets, means that almost everyone can now collect high quality spatial data with a level of accuracy that was unimaginable even just a few years ago. 289 more words


Using MMQGIS Plugin to SELECT features in QGIS


We will be using the MMQGIS plugin Select feature to select low income countries in the World are in the Africa region. This Selection will create a new layer  named… 108 more words


Accessing composer item properties via custom expressions in QGIS

So here is a neat trick. Lets say you wanted to access the scale of a composer map to make it part of a label. The scale bar can already be set to numeric to show the number value but what if it needs to be part of an existing label with other text. 200 more words

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Romania: ovine, caprine, bovine si porcine

Am dat peste niște date interesante de la ANSVSA, și anume, numărul ovinelor, caprinelor, bovinelor și porcinelor pe fiecare localitate din România (și de aici,  266 more words


ArcGIS REST API Connector Plugin for QGIS

Last year we described a command line method that adds ESRI REST layers in QGIS. Well, a team at the Geometa Lab in the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil… 94 more words


SPAtial join in qgis using mmqgis plugin

Task To perform a spatial join between a point feature layer and a polygon feature layer in QGIS using MMQGIS plugin. Spatial Join will merge the two layers into a single shapefile and also join the contents of their attribute tables. 82 more words


GIS For Biologists: Tip #9 - How To Add A Google Earth Or Bing Maps Image To A GIS Project

This video is the ninth in a series of helpful hints and handy tips for biologists who want to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in their research. 348 more words