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Resources for QGIS3

The release of 3.0 is really close now. If you want to know what’s new or are just looking for interesting ways to pass the time until the packages land, check out the following QGIS3 resources. 175 more words


Optimal routes from county seats to county limits in Romania

You might think at a first glance that these are fireworks, but actually they are just routes from the 41 county seats in Romania. Thank god that this data doesn’t take into account real time traffic because otherwise you would be looking at 46564564534534 frames over a few hours since that’s how long it really takes to get from one place to another in this country due to the shitty infrastructure and lack of highways. 112 more words


TimeManager 2.5 published

TimeManager 2.5 is quite likely going to be the final TimeManager release for the QGIS 2 series. It comes with a couple of bug fixes and enhancements: 225 more words


Re-visualising a long barrow near Old Sarum

A few weeks ago I was walking around the ramparts of Old Sarum hillfort when I spotted the cropmarks of a long barrow, and adjacent ring ditches, in one of the fields to the north of Old Sarum.  1,040 more words


Digitizing the Renaissance Italy Provinces


One of the favorite parts of the history lessons I had at school was looking at maps of national borders. Especially in a time sequence, when they changed back and forth showing a beat rate of a nation. 1,135 more words


Spiceinit Wolf

Bad “Spice and Wolf” pun….

Not much to report this week…; I’ve been getting myself back into the hang of using the mdis2isis >> spiceinit >> mdiscal >> cam2map procedure I used back last summertime, now for craters I missed over the summer as well as those that I didn’t bother downloading MDIS-NAC from the MODE the first time around (because I figured the MDIS mosaics of those craters from USGS sufficiently showed the melt deposits). 113 more words

Masters Thesis

Google Location History

“You are being watched, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day”

This idea started due to the fact that Google keeps sending notifications with “review your last month”. 211 more words