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Visualizing Bikeability in San Francisco

Efforts to develop indices that mark the bikeability of cities have been the focus of past research. Examples can be found here, here, … 1,381 more words


Data exploration with Data Plotly for QGIS3

Data Plotly is a new plugin by Matteo Ghetta for QGIS3 which makes it possible to draw D3 graphs of vector layer attribute values. This is a huge step towards making QGIS a one stop shop for data exploration! 148 more words


Using GIS Tools and Data 2

Starting with what we had done by the end of the last post, I would like to continue on to doing some actual analyses using QGIS, GRASS, and my other GIS-type tools. 1,873 more words


Scripting raster calculation in QGIS

I am now extracting landuse data from raster images. These images are quite big as they cover the entire world.

One classical first step to reduce computation time, or simply to limit a raster to the extent of the other one is to fold the two rasters. 261 more words


Making shaded relief from digital elevation models (DEMs) in QGIS: a British Columbia perspective

Who would not agree with Tom Patterson, creator of the fabulous shadedrelief.com website, when he said, “There is no more important component of a map than the shaded relief.” 2,024 more words

Shaded Relief

Updating Column Name and Column Value in QGIS

Although I am using QGIS 2.6.1 Brighton Version, the basic step should be same for all the QGIS version.

I am preparing GIS data for the Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO) for the Nepal training which I will be doing during December 2017. 377 more words


Intro to QGIS3 3D view with Viennese building data

In this post, I want to show how to visualize building block data published by the city of Vienna in 3D using QGIS. This data is interesting due to its level of detail. 450 more words