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Spiritual and marvellous mysteries

I recall with deep admiration the unsung scholar Yuan Quanyou 袁荃猷 (1920–2003).

While a student in Beijing she studied with her future husband, the great Ming scholar… 1,172 more words


More Chinese wordplay, and a poem

What’s in a name?

My Chinese name Zhong Sidi 钟思第 was given to me by the great Tang-music scholar Yin Falu 荫法鲁 (1915–2002) at my first supervision with him during my 1986 study-period at Beijing University. 703 more words


You Gotta Terra Cotta

The husband and I spent this last weekend up in the greater Seattle area.  Saturday evening we went to Chateau St. Michelle for our annual summer concert.   779 more words

Weekend Trips

Dissolving boundaries

I’ve just added a page (under “Themes” in Menu) on

Folk and art music in China: qin and shawm music

Far away from the pop music and cutesy… 136 more words


brawit d | Genesis 4

a vhadm idy at-kvh awto; vthr vtld at-qin vtamr qniti aiw at-ihvh. 
b vtsf lldt at-akiv at-hbl; vihi-hbl ryh xan vqin hih ybd admh.  922 more words

Quintis Limited (ASX:QIN) - formerly TFS Corporation Limited - Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

The saying goes, money doesn’t grow on trees..

  • Bogus sales channels.
  • Directors skimming cash through round robin scheme, which concurrently allows Quintis to artificially boost sales.
  • 69 more words

By whom, when and why was Great Wall of China built?

I find several details on the official history of the Great Wall of China questionable. This has been bothering me for over a year since I claimed that Marco Polo did not go to China, he went to Cathay, a different kingdom. 1,309 more words