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A slender but magical clue

The whole topic of amateur ritual associations on the Beijing plain, and indeed north Chinese ritual, was first suggested by a 1953 monograph, slim yet astounding, by the great musicologists (and musicians) Yang Yinliu and… 1,598 more words


Taking it on the qin

Following my tribute to Lin Youren, I should explore my ambivalent relation with the qin zither. Such a dominant image of Chinese musical culture, it is as if the whole varied spectrum of European musics were represented mainly by the clavichord. 910 more words


A tribute to Laurence Picken

I was one of Laurence Picken’s more tangential disciples, but he remains among the great inspirations of my life.[1]

I know several of us have fond memories of turning up for lunch at his little house overflowing with books, a sherry followed by a carefully prepared meal, listening to him carefully explaining, non-stop for four or five hours (for all his encyclopaedic erudition, he knew nothing of… 1,716 more words


Prima o poi ogni muro cade

Dal giuramento del 45° presidente USA, No Ban No Wall è tra gli slogan che da settimane riecheggiano dalle spiagge della California alle vallate della Pennsylvania passando per i laghi dell’Iowa. 985 more words

I Miei Articoli

Remembering an old friend 憶故人

That’s the title of one of the most soulful, and popular, pieces in the qin zither repertoire—unusually, not documented until 1937.

You can find tributes to my mentor… 396 more words


star sound system

the garbage men of years

past pick up their

rubbish and throw it at

the emperor.  He is smug and

smiling at them, not knowing what… 27 more words

Can you say Xian?

I didn’t think so.  Neither can I … I think I learned how to say it when I was there, but it escapes me … as does a lot of things nowadays. 1,182 more words