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Kingdom Chapter # 441- Jon Snow knows little on Chu affairs.

This chapter was very politic heavy chapter which is one of my favorite things about Kingdom, is that the politics hype you up for the wars that are about to happen. 401 more words

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Finally, Qin puts its dukes up; Dukes hold Qin high

The bulk of Qin lay to the west of the Zhou king’s former capitol, near present-day Xian. Remember, way back in 771 BC after the capture of the Zhou capital and the killing of the Zhou king, the heir was rushed to safety in Luoyang with the help of a prince from Qin. 638 more words

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Legalism - A Brief Overview

The doctrine of Legalism, like that of Machiavelli and Realpolitik, evolved in a highly multipolar world of swiftly shifting fortunes that would lay the foundations of the region for centuries to follow. 1,461 more words


He who made China: Interview with Qin Shi Huang (Part 11)

D: OK. So with Lord Chang’an’s threat gone, the foundation of your alliance with Lü Buwei was also weakened. Your relationship must have become very subtle.Q: Yes, a little bit. 531 more words


He who made China: Interview with Qin Shi Huang (Part 9)

D: OK, let’s move on. Though Sima Qian’s account of your birth may not be accurate, he was right in emphasizing Lü Buwei’s role in your father’s inheritance of the throne, right? 1,166 more words


He who made China: Interview with Qin Shi Huang (Part 8)

D: Well, judging only by result, you are always right. But at least, Qin’s punishments were too harsh, and that was far from being benevolent. How could you kill somebody by tearing his body apart by 5 chariots? 879 more words


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