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Newegg offers the QNAP TS-451-US Diskless 4-bay Personal Cloud NAS w/ HDMI & AirPlay for $349 shipped. For comparison, it originally retailed for $480 but typically sells for around $400 now. 130 more words


QNAP NAS Sending UDP Packets to China - update

I had installed 3 apps on the QNAP that were not written by QNAP: WordPress, phpMyAdmin and Python.  I uninstalled them all.  I also removed Download Station. 85 more words


QNAP NAS Sending UDP Packets to China

I’ve installed a pfSense firewall and added country blocking.  Since doing that, I’ve been seeing packets being blocked from my QNAP NAS box to an IPv4 address in China (  18 more words


QNAP firmware upgrade to version 4.2.0

I upgraded my QNAP firmware to version 4.2.0 2016/03/11, it seems to work fine.

Now if I could just find some time to enable and test that “virtualization station”, and maybe look into adding the aging ReadyNAS boxes as iSCSI targets or something similat so I could use their storage and still get the functionality provided by QNAP.


Good encryption is not recoverable

If you set up something highly secure, you better have backup of it. Should it fail, more secure it is, more difficult it is to recover. 146 more words

Impossible Things

Network Recycle Bin and undelete

This specific question is about IX4-300d, but it applies to virtually any NAS out there.

The question is about some Recycle Bin equivalent for a NAS. 194 more words


QNAP and firmware problems

This topic on the QNAP forum provides multiple cases of the NAS failing after either a reboot, or a firmware upgrade. Some users hint to the firmware problem of some kind, but generally the descriptions are as follows… 276 more words