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於OK(Circle K)便利店使用iTunes pass增值ITunes帳號

一直都只是下載免費app. 以前因安全原因沒有使用信用卡付款方式,買iTunes gift卡的話又怕有餘額不知怎花掉。最近知道了OK便利店可以使用iTunes pass增值所以嘗試了這個方法

1. 首先進入iTunes app拉至最底, 按入你的Apple ID

進入App store’s app, 在底下Bar選擇「Featured」頁拉至最底, 按入你的Apple ID

2. 於彈出小視窗後按入「View Apple ID」

3. 在彈出的小視窗內輸入你的Apple ID密碼. 之後會出現「Account」畫面, 拉至中間按入「View iTunes Pass in Passbook」 31 more words


FIELD TRIP: Take Your Learning Outside

There’s an old line in education that goes “why do they want me standardize my testing, but differentiate my instruction?” We all realize that our students are different, but then those differences clash with the reality of having 185 students. 723 more words

David Theriault

Library Orientation for Third through Fifth Grade

Just as I did for the early grades, I pondered what message I wanted our upper grades to take away from library orientation.  I wanted to of course give them some reminders about routines and procedures, but I wanted them to leave with a sense that the library was a place for all readers to connect with books.   671 more words


Back to School Google Form for Parent Information

We hope that you are all excited about getting back to school and back to making a difference in the daily lives of your students.  One thing that we know is indispensable for teachers is the ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with your parents and families.   384 more words

Back To School

How to Create QR Code Business Cards

I made business cards! It was definitely not my original plan to hand these out at Meet the Teacher Night, but I heard a couple teachers talking in the lounge about them, and I went for it! 449 more words

Business Cards

August 2015 Magazine – Market

QR codes can be used in a variety of marketing ways to expand on your marketing dollar, ease the book ordering process for customer, preview book content, provide materials not possible “in print” with your budget, etc. 25 more words

Electronic Magazine

August 2015 Magazine – Production

Quick Response (QR) codes have been in use for quite some time, but this doesn’t mean they are proof against changing technology and cultural tastes. On the surface, this seems to indicate code use is better utilized in (short term) marketing material. 60 more words

Electronic Magazine