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EdTech #2 - Curo, Curare, Curavi, Curatum

What does it mean to curate something? Well if we look at the root word in Latin – curare – it means to care for or take care of something, which as teachers is an incredibly meaningful thing; if we ‘curate’ student learning, we are caring for, and guiding what they learn. 634 more words


This Is Me

I created a “this is me” video for the multiliteracies class I am enrolled in. Here it is:

Following the article, “Digital storytelling cookbook”, the are various types of stories:  story about someone important, story about an event, story about a place, story about what I do, and other personal stories. 313 more words


"Pass GO, Collect a Big Mac!"

One of McDonald’s biggest rewards game is making a grand return to Australia, with over $250mil worth of prizes for the taking until October 16th. Starting in the US and Canada in… 608 more words

How Do You Start the New School Year as a Brand New Teacher Librarian?

Well, I start by collaborating with my inspiring colleagues. There is nothing like starting a new job to remind you how much we need to support each other as educators. 312 more words


miARtexperience Provides Platform for Local Artwork

Story by Will Travis

After spending many nights watching Lansing artist Ryan Holmes create amazing chalk masterpieces on the walls at Tin Can, bartender Jamie Fox had an idea. 454 more words

Tech Tool Review: QR Codes... And the Commodification of Education Through Technology.

Essentially a Quick Response Code (QR code) is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. They originated in the Japan automotive industry in 1994, but we see them widely used throughout society today for a variety reasons. 660 more words


A Mini QR Code Guide

Here is a quick guide to QR codes.

Creating QR codes is easy and can be a good way to share links to video.

  1. I took a URL of a video I found on YouTube (using the sharing button)
  2. 173 more words