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Qatar Airways Open Day!

Its been awhile guys! I;m so sorry for keeping you waiting and I have a brand new story to share with you!

So a lot of you knows how open days works right? 746 more words

QR Reader

국내에서 QR Code는 매우 제한적으로 사용되고 있다. 특정 공간에서 특수한 목적으로 사용되는 경우들은 있어왔지만, 광범위하게 일상 생활 속으로 들어오지 못한 기술이다. 우연한 기회에 QR Reader를 적용한 모바일 서비스를 개발하였고, 추가적인 요구사항으로 이를 Mobile Web으로 만들자고 한다. 54 more words


Holy User Blossom, Batman!

Time is up. The project is due tomorrow. I am collecting and sharing my results.

I found some interesting things. For starters, people actually will scan a QR code. 302 more words


Blue Screen of Death meets cybercrime - true or false?

Over the past week or so, an intriguing story has appeared around and about the web.

It falls short of a meme, but sits higher than a rumour, and it’s attracted attention because it deals with an increasingly-endangered event: a BSoD. 893 more words


RFID versus QR-code

Dear reader,

Smart industry is all about making things visible. A lot of companies lack in the visibility of their products and therefore they lose a lot of time searching for components they need, this costs a lot of money. 384 more words


QR Code to Collect Contact Info

I promise I’ll do my second “Business Restart” post this week, I just have to get this one post because I’m hoping it’s going to be as awesome as I think it is. 391 more words

Direct Sales

Identificación Biométrica, Código QR

Karina Negrón

Inf 105-1


El código QR nos permite leer y escribir información variada, como mensajes de texto, números de teléfonos o alguna dirección (URL), de manera fácil. 129 more words