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new book: The Bacteriocins

The Bacteriocins: current knowledge and future prospects, edited by R. Dorit, S.M.Roy and M. A.Riley

QR92 B3 B323x 2016, Parks Library Tier 5

Bacteriocins are potent protein toxins produced by virtually every bacterial and archeal species examined to date. 99 more words


Business Intelligence: Online Profiling

Online profiling is using a person’s online identity to collect information about them, their behaviors, their interactions, their tastes, etc. to drive a targeted advertising (McNurlin et al., 2008).  565 more words

Business Intelligence

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' : How To Get Magearna The Man-Made Mythic

Magearna is an adorable little Pokemon that was developed many many years before the events of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. However this unique mythical Pokemon will be acquirable rather soon! 162 more words

How can B. S. Nees Solutions make your QR personal?

Trick Out Your Qr Experience and Get Coded

Get QR and go sustainable with QR Scannables.

  • Avoid boxy, plain, and rigid designs.
  • B. S. Nees offers cuting edge and creative desgins.
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Magearna QR Code Available On Pokémon Website December 5th

The Mythical Pokémon Magearna will be able to be added to your copy of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon on December 5th. A QR code on the official Pokémon website will be available to scan which will add Magearna to your game. 28 more words

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