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The Gold Standard

Karin + Shane Denson
30″ x 30″
Pennies on Canvas

The pennies arranged here form a functional QR code. The composition reflects on the dissolution of the gold standard and the transition to the fictitious capital of data-driven finance. 14 more words


Marx QR

Karin + Shane Denson
24″ x 24″
Acrylic on Canvas

Upon scanning this QR painting, a digital rendering of a hand-sculpted Karl Marx Gnome appears in augmented space. 78 more words


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Try QR Wild for information hunts around your School or College.

Try QR Wild for information hunts around your school or college.

Go to http://qrwild.com/ and download a free QR code reader from the iOS or Google app store. 86 more words


User-friendly Gnomes

The big AR Gnome welcomes you to the “Making Mining Networking” exhibition at The Edge, Duke University. Today I added descriptions to the paintings so you can start your tour with your mobile device at any point of the exhibition. 65 more words


How Can YOU Help?

Sharing of course! I would be so appreciative, if my audience would share my blog with others. There will always be something quirky for you to see, new foods to visualize! 111 more words