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What Is Automation Testing ?

Manual testing is performed by a human sitting in front of a computer carefully executing the test steps. Automation Testing means using an automation tool to execute your test case suite.    99 more words

Automation Testing

What is UFT ?

UFT stands for Unified Functional Testing, earlier called it as Quick Test Professional (QTP), a product of HP (Hewlett Packard) company. It is a Licensed tool. 82 more words


How to resolve corrupted Object repository issue – Information cannot be retrieved for the selected test object

Recently I faced an issue with the UFT OR, where I was unable to update the OR and as soon as, I am adding any object to the OR, all of the properties of other objects are throwing this error “Information cannot be retrieved for the selected test object” 138 more words

Unified Functional Testing

Download and Save an Excel Sheet using QTP

During automation we might have came across scenarios which requires selecting group of data and downloading an Excel file and then save it on a particular location. 308 more words


Automating Microsoft Excel – Formatting an Excel File - Part 2

In Automation, Excel files play an indispensable part. Out of the many uses they have, creating reports is one of them. Now when you create a report with the help of an automation script, you would also like to format it to make it more presentable.   191 more words


Automating Microsoft Excel – How to Create an Excel Object, Enter and Retrieve Values from it -Part 1

the Series where I’ll be explaining how to Automate MSExcel using QTP. First of all, one needs to understand the Excel Object Model in order to use the numerous functions provided by Excel API. 178 more words


How to pass UFT test parameter values from Jenkins

In this post we will discuss about passing the UFT test parameters from Jenkins jobs.


UFT test parameters are used to pass the useful information required for executing the tests, when running the UFT using different technologies like .Net or VBA. 910 more words

Unified Functional Testing