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UTF 12.0 First Look After Installation

First look of QTP/UFT 12.0 after installation:

In previous article we have seen “Overview of HP Unified Functional Testing 12.0“. In today’s article taking first look of UFT tool. 858 more words


Automating PDF with QTP just got easier!

There are many ways in which pdfs can be automated , since it’s been some time that I automated pdf related stuff; I found some new ways that are easier: 217 more words


Useful Code snipptes - VBScript

VBScript data structures

Vbscript lacks support of complex data structures unlike other programming languages. This sometimes make life a bit difficult. We need to code our own algorithms to achieve simple tasks like sorting of an array or reversing it. 1,055 more words


DOM and IE Automation

There are many forums and posts from testers trying to automate scripts by using DOM(Document Object Model) of the internet explorer.

Here is a script that i used recently along , that will help anyone using the DOM and windows shell scripting : 246 more words


Automate recurring appointments on MS Outlook

Here is another piece of code that is fun when it comes to automating data from excel and setting up outlook recurring appointments.

strExcelPath = “” 129 more words


Utility to create tests in test plan of Quality Center

Problem: Create tests in the test plan by copying a base test in QC to a destination folder in QC with the test names from the file system’s existing folders/files. 2,794 more words


Solution to "this test is locked by another quality center user"

There are a lot of instances while working with Quality center that you might have noticed this message “this test is locked by another quality center user” 178 more words