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How to pass UFT test parameter values from Jenkins

In this post we will discuss about passing the UFT test parameters from Jenkins jobs.


UFT test parameters are used to pass the useful information required for executing the tests, when running the UFT using different technologies like .Net or VBA. 910 more words

Unified Functional Testing

Running Oracle queries with HP UFT / QTP

Please note that this implementation requires you to properly set Oracle client and configure ODBC. For UFT it should be 32 bit and this is important, as 64 bit will throw errors. 113 more words


Ceil and RoundUp with HP UFT / QTP

Sometimes you need to do things a bit differently from what is available. These 2 short methods show how you can do the equivalent of Math.Ceil function and also how you can round numbers up to a predefined step, as opposed to the default UFT implementation. 83 more words


Consuming Web Services with HP UFT / QTP

This is a short template for consuming a web service with QTP/UFT. Same would apply for regular VBScript. This is a tool agnostic method, meaning it doesn’t rely on QTP Web add-in or the new API test functionality introduced in UFT 12 (doesn’t require full license). 159 more words


Get data of dropdown object from a cell in the SwfTable

If you want to get the items in the ValueList for a particular cell try something like this:

Sub GetValueListData()

Dim ItemCount
ItemCount = SwfWindow(“Company”).SwfTable(“Grid”).GetNaProperty(“DisplayLayout.Bands[1].Columns[4].ValueList.Rows.Count”) 65 more words


How to get the visible data from a particular cell in SwfTable object

Use dotnet spy and try to find where the required data is stored and script it like

Set obj=SwfWindow(“”),SwfWindow(“”)

For k= 0 to obj.SwfTable(“ultraGrid1”).Object.Datasource.Column.count-1

If obj.SwfTable(“ultraGrid1”).Object.Datasource.Column.Item(k).ColumnName=”0;Item’ Then… 17 more words


Determine an UltraGrid cell has "Allow Edit" or "No Edit" status (Infragistics)

In order to determine¬†¬†whether a cell in an UltraGrid has a status of “Allow Edit” or “No Edit”., you can use the below approach. 90 more words