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QTP - Interview Questions and Answers

QTP Interview Questions & Answers
A comprehensive list of interview questions & answers for QTP / UFT automation testing tool.
Interview questions and answers are written considering both the fresher’s and the experienced IT professional’s. 71 more words


Working with DOS Command Line

Working with DOS Command Line

in short: command-line window can be identified with programmatic description

Window( "object class:=ConsoleWindowClass" )

UFT Automation Framework.

UFT Automation Lesson 2

Framework Introduction

Framework is key to success, when start any work and to get success on that you should plan.

The same way framework is the base for any automation testing. 289 more words

Software Testing

UFT Learning

Lesson 1 – UFT Automation


UFT is an Automation Tool developed by HP Software, to automate software Testing.

For more details, you can visit the HP Website. 313 more words

Software Testing

How to get a cell value in WinListView object

Use the method GetSubItem.

GetSubItem row, column
Rows and columns are zero based.
So getting the first row, second column is
getsubitem 0,1

Pricing on the QTP

We have recently changed our approval process on the Quality Training Portal so that all training must show either a price or POA (price on application). 80 more words

Knowing the Technology

Hi guys, for my third post, I’ll be talking about the main technologies I’ve used through the years and how I’ve used them. I’ve chosen a clock work as a feature image to show that we need to understand every piece of a certain technology for us to make it work. 854 more words