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My First Blog

This blog has been started for Quality assurance- Automation stream . Here I will be posting blogs related to technology and tools involved in automation it will cover both functional and non Functional part of testing areas. 65 more words


S&C Education leads the way

Brendan Chaplin, CEO and Founder of Strength & Conditioning Education, has recently received approval from SkillsActive for his Level 4 Award in Strength and Conditioning: 251 more words

QTP Excel

'Excel Operations

Dim xl, xl_workbook, xlsheet1

' Creating excel app object

Set xl=createobject("Excel.Application")


'Create an excel file

Set xl_workbook=xl.Workbooks.Add

'add sheets

Set… 118 more words


QTP/UFT: Generate Alphanumeric and Random Number

”’## 3 digits Random idNumber and 7 digits Random serialNumber
Dim start, ends
start = 1
ends = 19
For m = start To ends… 111 more words


QTP/UFT: Current Date Time Stamps and Julian-Date

”### Current Date Time Stamps
Dim currentDateTime, currentDate, currentTime, newDateYear
currentDateTime = Now
currentDate = Date
myDate = replace(currentDate,“/”,“-“)
myDay = Day(currentDate)
myMonth = Month(currentDate) 239 more words


QTP/UFT: Input and Output Parameter

”##Create Test (Start) Parameter “myPin”
”##Create Action (Action1) Parameter “enterPinNumber”
”## Set the Parameter
Dim enterPinNumber
enterPinNumber = TestArgs(“myPin”)
‘msgbox enterPinNumber
”## Run Test with Test Parameter… 107 more words


VBScript: Add Leading Zero to Date Function Output



strDate = DatePart(“yyyy”,Date) _
        & Right(“0” & DatePart(“m”,Date), 2) _
        & Right(“0” & DatePart(“d”,Date), 2)