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RCS Toys Revell Hexatron FPV Hexacopter RTF ( Drone / Quadcopter) Rs.29999/.

The HEXATRON FPV is a large, robust hexacopter which is especially stable and calm during flight thanks to its integrated stabilisation system, and it is equipped with LEDs for optical position recognition. 302 more words

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What is a Drone: Drone vs Quadcopter

Drones and quadcopters have different uses. For instance, drones are used as a military aircraft. Quadcopters are a type of drone almost exclusively used for recreational purposes.

Ghost Drone 2.0 Released

EHang Launches Ghost 2.0 Drone With VR Goggles

” EHang, a leading UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology company, today released the newest version of its popular drone, The Ghost 2.0.

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Above The Fray Aerials

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Quadcopters Today and The Future.

An exclusive interview with UT Tyler professor about quadcopters.

Tyler, TX-https://youtu.be/9_7d40ckcuA


Quadcopters are a new type of remote control helicopter that offers users a lot of versitility. 79 more words

Meet the Tiniest Drone Today! - The SKEYE Pico Drone.

Measuring only 2.2 x 2.2 cm (0.87 x 0.87 inch) and weighs 7 gram (0.25 ounce), this really is the tiniest quad-copter you’ll come across today. 218 more words


I Really Want To Buy a QuadCopter

I really want to buy a QuadCopter for some aerial video making, I was inspired to buy one by Jacksgap, the youtube twin brothers who have this amazing youtube channel documenting their travels and adventurers across the world – a few minutes of searching brought me to this video: 11 more words