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Quadratics and Basketball

One of the most common played sports in the U.S is basketball and majority of people has played the game. There are those just so good that they can shoot the ball in the air and it goes in no matter. 158 more words


#booksnaps came from the incredible Tara Martin who decided to take Snapchat and have student annotate information from books. I loved it! Then I wanted to know how I could use this in math class. 175 more words


Catapult Activity

While researching for our parabola unit I stumbled upon the project posted by Julie Reulbach on her blog I Speak Math. If you don’t follow her on Twitter, you should! 226 more words


Matlab Program for Quadratic Interpolation

“Quadratic Interpolation” program in  MATLAB for one-dimensional minimization. Program is a generalized one and takes objective function as user input in terms of standard MATLAB function, e.g. 1,123 more words


How to solve quadratic equations just in few seconds.

As all of you know that quadratic equations are one of the most important topics of banking exam and many students fail to attempt these questions because either they find it too lengthy or they are unable to derive a conclusion through equations. 717 more words