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Finding the turning point in your life.

Finding the turning point of a quadratic equation can tell us many things; how to maximize the size of a room with certain restrictions, finding the height a cannonball can reach, and for those with profitable intentions, making the most profit out of sales. 440 more words


Using parabolas to paint a picture

Notice how some equations are written in vertex form, others are in standard, and others are in factored form.  Bravo, Paige!

Graphing Calculator

Summative Task for Quadratics - #MCF3M

My Grade 11 e-Learning math class is completing a unit on quadratic equations. I have a few things happening for their summative assessment, but the part I find most interesting is the following “experiment”. 661 more words


Day 122: Visual Pattern

Today I want to share a fun visual pattern we went over in class.

It is fun to see how far my classes have progressed since the beginning of the year. 65 more words


An Accidental Proof

I had been mulling over numbers and such, once again, and stumbled upon this little realization:
If you take a number, say, 7, and square it: 93 more words

whY is X Minus H and Y plus K?

We all have our methods of helping students gain an understanding of this:

Let’s start simple as most of us do in the classroom.  In years past, I (and many others) have helped students explore this concept with something like: 604 more words


The Liz Method

The small town, rural high school where I did my teaching was the kind of place where you could count on having at least 5 students in your classroom every year whose last names were the same as names of the roads in town.   1,428 more words