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How to use the quadratic formula

Solving quadratic equations is crucial to lots of different mathematics courses, and the formula gets you there (or tells you it won’t work) every time. … 24 more words



November 3st – 307.

Geogebra – Stereo-quadratic optimization. This 1806 sangaku was originally written on a tablet hung in the Gikyosha shrine of Niikappugun, Hokkaido. – Take a point on the hypotenuse AB of the right triangle ABC. 51 more words

One Image A Day - 364 Days

Elementary Maths: Algebra : Functions and Graphs (Part 1)

The ability to draw or sketch graphs of a functions or equations is very important, so as to understand how the variables affect each other. This provide a visual on the behavior of the equations. 20 more words


Linear warriors and quadratic wizards

In role-playing games, there are two main character classes: warriors and wizards. Today, we will be discussing about how their level progression differs.

As the title implies, the warrior levels up at a linear rate and the wizards level up at an exponential rate. 99 more words

Term One

Algebra & Sequences

Unit Objectives

Unit Keywords

Notation | Symbols | Expression | Equation | Identity | Formula | Like Terms | Simplify | Index | Indices | Sequence | Arithmetic | Nth Term | Expand | Factorise | Linear | Quadratic | Difference of two squares | Common Factors |  178 more words

Year 11


/**Given an input array of n integers, 
 * find all pairs with distinct a, b, c and d i such that a + b = c + d. 551 more words