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Cubic Equations And The Complex Field

One thing I wish to see in languages such as PHP is to find them supporting the complex type. Complex numbers are more than vectors in 2D, and I wish to see expression containing them parsed just like the ones with real numbers. 334 more words

The paper napkin trigonometry trick with a smattering of Pythagorean triples. 

Take a piece of paper and do the following:

  1. Make it into a square (interesting discussion on best way to do this).
  2. Fold in half then unfold so you have created crease along a vertical line of symmetry…
  3. 81 more words

Let Them Struggle!

So apparently there is this MTBoS30 thing happening, which is particularly serendipitous, as I had a rather fantastic inspiration this morning with my Algebra class this morning. 572 more words

Quadratic Marble Slides

Not only was I able to kind of roughly go through this exercise, give up and come back to it. But it was interesting how changing a number, the position of it, letters, brackets can change the parabola and make it work for the purpose you need it for. 140 more words