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A Math Life #3 - The Liz Method

The small town, rural high school where I did my teaching was the kind of place where you could count on having at least 5 students in your classroom every year whose last names were the same as names of the roads in town.   1,428 more words

Ex: Double Integrals - Describe a Region of Integration (Quadratic)

This video explains how to define a region of integration.  The region is defined for both orders of integration.

VI. Calculus Videos

10.1 Quadratic "fun"

Yup that’s what my teacher labeled this lesson. And relatively, this lesson is “fun” I suppose.

Just like someone might call the calm before the storm “fun”. 39 more words



1) Quadratic equation 

f(x)= ax^2+bx+c=0

let roots of this equation is p and q so

sum of roots p+q=-b/a

product of roots = pq=c/a

2) Cubic Equations… 481 more words