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CAS Presentations at USACAS-9

I had two presentations at last Saturday’s USACAS-9 conference at Hawken School in Cleveland, OH.  Following are outline descriptions of the two sessions with links to the PowerPoint, pdf, and .tns files I used.   584 more words


Using a quadratic and a straight line to do simple multiplication

So, here’s something cool that Johnny Ball showed me that I hadn’t seen before.  I love it when this happens although I fear that as the years roll on and I become a wizened old maths teacher it may happen less and less… 86 more words


Student Quadratic Creativity

I’m teaching Algebra 2 this summer for my school.  In a recent test on quadratic functions, I gave a question I thought would be a little different, but still reachable for those willing to make connections or exert a little creativity. 644 more words


Mathematical discrimination in the brave new world of Common Core

Merriam Webster
adjective dis·crim·i·nat·ing

: liking only things that are of good quality

: able to recognize the difference between things that are of good quality and those that are not… 230 more words


Hannah's sweet GCSE question that went viral

After a recent Edexcel GCSE paper students took to twitter to vent their frustration at the question which arose in their exam. This question stated that “There are n sweets in a bag, 6 of these are orange the rest are yellow. 231 more words