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Strawberry Tiramisu

Many years ago, my girlfriend Gabriella made a strawberry tiramisu, and I’ve never forgotten it. It was made in the same manner as a traditional tiramisu, but without the coffee element. 792 more words

Over 1000 cocktails served, El Vermut keg tapped, no más jamon serrano!

We tapped into the Tales enthusiasm last Saturday with a packed two-hour Vya cocktail & El Vermut tasting room. Hundreds of eager faces poured through the doors of the Bienville room at the Hotel Monteleone—thirsty for a cold glass of El Vermut! 1,072 more words



I love California and I love their wines! This event was packed with great examples of what makes the wines so enjoyable. Whether you are looking for crisp, light Sauvignon Blanc, creamy Chardonnay, silky Pinot Noir, or bold Cabs, you will not be disappointed with some of the new offerings about to hit our shelves. 541 more words

Italian Orange Cake

Sometimes I hang on to a cookbook just because there’s one perfect recipe in it. And this is one of those recipes, although fortunately, there are plenty of other recipes in this cookbook that I love. 973 more words

The Summer Peach

Juicy, sweet, fresh peach, Vya, Essensia, and Prosecco.

Andrew and Laurel Quady were looking for a way to celebrate the 80th Anniversary Party of their longtime English importer, Hallgarten Druitt, and in the process they found a delicious way to drink up their succulent peaches. 164 more words


Elysium Fields

Aperitif is derived from the Latin word aperire, which means, “to open. ”  That is exactly what aperitifs do, they enhance and stimulate the appetite before a meal with taste, texture, and usually herbs.  138 more words


The Sweet Wrap Up !!!

Listen Now to part 4 of 4 aka the Wrap Up !!!


Wineguys Radio: Keith Miller and William Davis wrap up the Guilty Pleasures Show.   59 more words