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Wild Fowl & Dumplings

Try our wild game take on this warm and cozy comfort food! It’s rich and creamy sauce compliments light meat wild game birds and the dumplings are just perfectly puffed! 604 more words

Eat Wild

Lookit my flock!

Nope not chickens, just more button quail :D

Ellie has been on her own for a few weeks now, and seeing as we had no Chickadee that she could live with, it was time to bring in some new birds. 283 more words


Reed's Word of the Day: quail

Definition: to recoil in fear or dread

Usage: Too many politicians quail at the facts.

I thought it was only an old wives tale until I saw the vampire quail at the garlic I wedged between us. 11 more words

Word Of The Day

March 4, 2017 – Scaled Quail (Callipepla squamata)

Requested by: thursdayj

These quail are found in desert grasslands of the southwestern United States and northeast Mexico. 73 more words


Sun, sea and sand (not all at once though)

Monday: Another quail died overnight so we are down to 12 now. The weather forecast is set to be fair all week with high temperatures for the time of year 😀 This morning as I walk round feeding, the sun is shinning and it feels great to be where I am, the day is my oyster 😜 There are plenty of little birds flitting around, wrens, sparrows and long tailed tits plus the ever present robin of course. 1,740 more words

Friesland Farm

The Littlest Quail (An Ozark Princess story)

It was a beautiful spring day and everything was crisp and clear from a long rainy spring. I had gone up the trail with my husband and girls and they were working with the horses and doing their chores such as cleaning and repairing the barn. 616 more words

Animal Story

Training,chicks & seizures

I’ve not introduced Chicakdee properly at all, given he was born the day after Tolly’s accident!

Chickadee was one of seven of Bates’ eggs that we put in the incubator. 1,427 more words

Border Collie