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Opening weekend of PappaRich Gold Coast

Finally, at long last, there is a PappaRich on the Gold Coast!! For me, this means that whenever I am in Brisbane on a day trip, I don’t have to make the tough decision of do we have our only meal there at PappaRich or anywhere else because I want to try other places but I do miss Malaysian food sometimes. 102 more words

Eat Out

dawns the day, and so we lace our shoes

run one. just one. and when you’re
done, may
run another one. perhaps a
half. another step. another breath.
another sidewalk slap-hum,
another strum of heart, 28 more words

What if God is real and he loves you?

I saw a quail today and cried. I’m sure you’re wondering how that has anything to do with the title of this post. Well, if you’ll hang tight and keep on reading, you’ll find out real soon! 796 more words

Meanwhile back at the SayersBrook Bison Ranch.......ROASTED QUAIL WITH BRANDY

This week from the SayersBrook Bison Ranch website (http://www.sayersbrook.com/) its a recipe for ROASTED QUAIL WITH BRANDY, BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND HAZEL NUTS. You can find the recipe or purchase the Quail at the SayersBrook site. 331 more words


Quail Eggs & Sugar Snap Pea Crostini

At the Farmer’s Market, people just LOVE the quail eggs.  They comment on how cute they are, how unique, how tiny.

But, they also have no idea what to do with them. 226 more words


Quail Watching Rattlesnake and Running it Off

Gambel’s Quail couple watching a Rattler. They were squawking away at it and unafraid.


Hatchlings, home baking and mint jelly.

Monday 23rd April: St George’s day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Noticeably cooler today than the record temperatures of last week, I for one am glad it’s cooler and more like proper spring temperatures 😜 I did the morning rounds and then spent three hours trying to sort out some tax issues for the old company, I have been losing sleep worrying about getting it sorted and so today was the day to face it and sort it to which end they actually had to pay a refund so happy days and happy sleeping once again. 2,464 more words

Friesland Farm