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Are we giving good evidence this Easter?

Prompted by discussion on Facebook – itself prompted by the arrival of Easter, Passover, and other seasonal festivities – I have been thinking about the Quaker ‘testimony’ of refusing to recognise times and seasons. 685 more words

An Easter Trilogy

I apologize for the lack of new posts here recently. I’m working on a memoir about my interactions, half a century ago, with the Catholic Church and the U.S. 127 more words


Words by Friends: Achieving Unity through Earthcare

Cross-posted from Friends General Conference (FGC) “Words of Friends”

By Marta Rusek | 4/05/17

When you have a conversation with Pamela Boyce Simms, it’s hard not to get every bit as excited about the the topic at hand as she is. 464 more words


What have you learnt from the process of reading Quaker faith & practice?

Being on the team who are asking everyone else this question – the ‘Reading Qf&p’ subgroup of the Book of Discipline Revision Preparation Group – I feel like I ought to have a go at answering it myself! 706 more words

Putting Quaker faith & practice in context

This is the last month of the project to as Quakers to read Quaker faith & practice together. Many groups won’t finish yet, some people are just starting, and I hope we’ll all go on engaging with the book in different ways. 486 more words

If a Tree Falls in a Forest

Years go by and I realize how grateful I am for getting through the rough patches in life even if they seem insurmountable at the time. 474 more words


“Nothing can convict me of sin but the evidence in my own heart. From this evidence there is no escape.”—Elias Hicks (March 19, 1748 – February 27, 1830)

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