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Staying a Little Ahead of the Game

With so many “weighty” headlines in the world, to borrow a Quaker term, I’ve needed a little more discipline than usual to keep myself centered. 385 more words

If Love Flows Through Us

The following is an approximation of the vocal ministry I offered at Homewood Friends Meeting on September 17, 2017. My message followed (by about thirty silent minutes) another Friend’s singing of the words “May love flow through all I think and say and do.” 211 more words


Holding Las Vegas in the Light

For all the countless victims, families, survivors. For those who against their choice have left us and for those left behind who will be haunted the rest of their lives?  26 more words

centering down for Michaelmas

“Strongly I will think, will remember often, how within I’m vitalized by all primal spirit strength, will strongly sense within me weaving soul and power of will, will reflect in stillness how I can find a hold in my heart’s depths when my soul, quiet in itself, rests and also strongly acts out of itself.”  755 more words


Introduction to Quakerism


Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 11, 7:00 p.m. in the Homewood Meeting Library:  a 3-session introduction to Quakerism. George Amoss, Sarah Bur, and Gary Gillespie will facilitate. 10 more words


shut the fuck up

often in London I wish there were times when people would shut the fuck up. I love the silence of a busy train at 8.15am, crammed into each others’ armpits and smells in awkward confinement. 392 more words

Trash Talk

Quaker Light

Dear Readers,

I’ve been dealing with pain lately.

Not the familiar aches of distance running as I train for another marathon (my 20th). No, those are like friends I haven’t seen for a while. 207 more words