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Who is Jesus?

This is a question I have struggled with throughout my life. Who is Jesus? At a time, I denied Jesus even as a historical figure. Today, however, if someone asked me if I am a Christian, I would have to say… 117 more words

Quaker Faith & Podcast

I am devouring Quaker Faith & Podcast. If you are interested in the diversity that is Quakerism, give this podcast a listen. Podcast hosts Mackenzie and Micah come from different backgrounds. 13 more words

My Background

I was raised in a fundamentalist, conservative, evangelical church. As a teenager, I rejected those teachings. At first, I even rejected the existence of the Spirit of Life. 176 more words

Leading: 10 December 2017

During meeting today, I was lead to speak words that God placed in my heart. I spoke:

Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself within a forst dark,

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Body Theology: Or Why Only Eucharistic Action Makes Us True to Ourselves

This post starts with a big claim: Good political theology involves doing body theology. To reflect on the theological significance of a polity means reflecting on what makes up a political community; not merely a priori individuals, but needful bodies, in need of care, love and shelter. 1,267 more words


#oceanofdarkness: early Friends today?

At the end of a recent blog post about Quaker structures and our future, Alistair Fuller asks an interesting question: ” if were forming a new and radical religious society today, what might it look like?” 471 more words

Journal - Earlham College beginnings

Journal 10/30/1970

I’m doing a very bad job of keeping up this journal. Maybe its because my spiritual life has stagnated and there’s nothing to write about. 898 more words