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Eine schnelle Woche / A Quick Week!

I just finished my “Deutschstunde,” a one-hour elective in German I teach to one very dedicated student twice a week at the school where most of my work is in advancement (moving the school from where it is now to what it wants to be for future generations and building a culture of philanthropy ) — with a little cross country assistance mixed in now and then! 230 more words

A Quaker Reading of 1 John 4

The letter known as 1 John is attributed to the disciple who was closest to Jesus. The letter’s content may be considered, then, as being especially close to the heart of Jesus’ message. 6,010 more words


Reflections on the Foundations

Quakers have always tried to express our spiritual understandings through our actions. Famously, this includes refusing to fight, because the real problems aren’t solved by outward actions, and treating everyone as equals – whether that’s through refusing to doff hats or refraining from the use of titles. 864 more words

The Clearing

Before the rain left
a last gasp of thunder
shook our home and bones,
wrenched us out of our day
as we huddled on the floor. 38 more words

I'm a Quaker - ask me why

For several years now, I have – on and off, depending on weather, reliability of pins, mood, etc. – worn a badge which says, “I’m a Quaker – ask me why”. 487 more words

On doing Quaker outreach

One of this month’s chapters in our process of reading Quaker faith & practice is chapter 28, ‘Sharing the Quaker experience’. It’s a short chapter and not, in my experience, one which is often quoted. 599 more words

Friends Need to Tell the Truth

Truth-telling. It’s hard to say for Quakers today if it matters the way it once did.

That first generation of Friends were honest. Brutally honest. About the crookedness of Church-as-Empire, about the empty strength of the empire itself. 967 more words