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Day 40: You

Today we recognize YOU. Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do.” For the past 40 days, many of you have taken time to repeatedly reflect on peacemakers past and present and their words. 285 more words

Day 38: The Southeast White House

“Welcome home.” Two simple words that can bring so much comfort. I recently heard them from Sammie Morrison while attending the semi-monthly community fellowship lunch at the Southeast White House in DC. 387 more words

Day 36: Lois Johnson

I first met Lois (1930-2012) on World AIDS Day in 1996. Lois had lost her oldest son, David Arnesan, to AIDS in 1995. During David’s illness, Lois and her family had to face not only his illness, but the fact that David was gay. 445 more words

Day 35: Oscar Romero

Today, we reflect on Oscar Romero who was assassinated on this day 35 years ago. Mons. Romero (b. 1917) was a Catholic priest and was named the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador in 1977. 278 more words

Day 34: Kenneth Boulding

We earlier wrote about Elise Boulding (Day 9). Her husband, Kenneth (1910-1993), was also very active in Quaker circles and the Peace movements of the 1960’s and 70’s. 243 more words

Day 33: Mike Gray

Mike Gray is a Quaker who is a steadfast ally to many Native American, immigrant and indigenous communities groups in the US and Mexico. Like so many people in the 1960’s and early 70’s, Mike’s life was heavily influenced by the turmoil of the times, but in his late twenties his life took on deeper meaning and purpose when he found Quakerism. 265 more words

Day 30: Andrew Marin

I will never forget the scene: a Pentecostal church in the suburbs of Chicago; a group of parishioners gathered for a workshop about ways the congregation can be a welcoming place for gays and lesbians; the presenter, Andrew Marin, who had grown up in the church, holding the tension as some of the attenders were having visceral, deep and emotional reactions to the idea of welcoming gays and lesbians. 298 more words