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Special Experiences and Visions

The following is approximately the content of my vocal ministry on 5/14/2017.

I hope that Friends feel free to speak about their special spiritual experiences and visions.

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A Quaker Legacy

The subject of this black-and-white version of an albumen paper print is my great-great grandmother, Rebecca Barbara Hough Murdock (25 Nov., 1828-26 Nov., 1917), widow of Thomas McKea Murdock (28 June, 1827-17 April, 1891), seated on a bench outside the Fox family home at 5737 Pierce Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1916. 576 more words

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Sitting in Silence for Israel: Peaceful Trajectories Beyond Quaker Supersessionism

The 1660 Declaration remains a vivid summary of the cluster of theological trajectories named the Quaker Peace Testimony. This post argues that despite the centrality of peace to Quakerism over the last three and a half century’s our articulations of that peace, are recurrently compromised by a persistent tradition of supersessionism. 2,245 more words


The Wish Child (in anticipation of Ellen's 7th Birthday)

Has nature won or I?
Is my image of a family too clear or bleared?

I have wished for neither a princess
nor a fearless warrior, 31 more words

Rudy's Day Off!

It isn’t the weekend, nor an official holiday, but it’s my own holiday!

For one of the few times since I moved to Hawaii more than three years ago, I’m taking a day off for me: no child staying home from school, no cable installation where I need to be present, no bad cold I’m getting over, no forms I have to fill out by the end of the week! 221 more words

Hold on a Second!

I know we are coming ever closer to the French Open. At least I’m pretty sure we are. The redesigned Women’s Tennis Association website is so hard to follow that I deleted it from my browser! 759 more words

Make Quakerism Militant Again

Martin Luther King, Jr. argued that nonviolence “is an imperative to action.” That’s why King’s Poor People’s Campaign was envisioned as a “new and unsettling force.” It was to be disruptive. 444 more words