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Are Young Adult Friends Ready to Lead?

In March, I gave a talk via Skype to the Midwest Interbranch Young Adult Friends Gathering on the future of Quakers and the need for Young Adult Friends to take leadership.   1,836 more words

'Afterwords' - my Eva Koch Scholarship project

This summer, I will be spending some time at Woodbrooke as one of the four Eva Koch scholars. My topic is ‘afterwords’. In this post, I’d like to say what my current thoughts are about this practice and how it’s used – during the project, I hope to keep blogging from time to time to document how my ideas change. 633 more words

Reading Qf&p: chapter 12

Most of chapter 12, ‘Caring for one another’, looks at the formalised ways we use ‘eldership’ and ‘oversight’ to take care of the spiritual and practical needs of a Quaker meeting. 766 more words

The Quakers: More than Oatmeal

For awhile now, the Lord has been teaching me about Christ’s indwelling. Knowing that I no longer live but Christ lives in me has become a daily necessity rather than an abstract proposition (Gal. 568 more words


The Uncanny in Our Religious Life and the Future of Quakerism

‘We cannot use electric lights‘

The great Liberal theologian Rudolf Bultmann once expressed the key dilemma of modern Christianity like this: ‘We cannot use electric lights and radios and, in the event of illness, avail ourselves of modern medical and clinical means and at the same time believe in the spirit and wonder world of the New Testament’. 1,719 more words


A Quaker Easter Meditation on John 20:1-23

When I joined other Friends in worship on the morning of the day called Easter, I was feeling vaguely sad. But in the clarity of silence I soon came to understand the sadness as something vestigial, a nonfunctional remnant of my evolution from pious Catholic boy to nontheistic Quaker elder. 1,794 more words


Reading Qf&p 10 & 11: Belonging to a Quaker meeting/Membership

A friend of mine who has been attending Quaker meeting regularly for several years now has said a couple of times recently that she finds Quakers very smug. 839 more words