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Why isn’t Hillary Clinton Leading by Twenty Points?

I refuse to believe that the American people are as emotionally weak as they seem, and have lost their ability to use logic and intellect during presidential election years. 501 more words

MTurk to charge for Qualifications

Remember a while back when Requesters got all excited because Amazon was having Workers do (unpaid) qualification tests with the idea we’d be able to select Respondents based on age or gender? 137 more words

15 Things That Don't Require Qualifications or Talent

With the impending GCSE results due out tomorrow, the topic was already trending in the early hours of this morning on Twitter with thousands of teenagers anxiously waiting to see how they had fared, many of them already dismayed at the fact that grade boundaries for certain subjects had been raised… again. 843 more words


I did it!

I passed the interview. Starting the 1st September, I will be doing a 4 year degree in teaching. I’m just so full of different feelings right now. 266 more words

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For Wales....Don't See England

The IWA kindly asked me to pen something for their Click on Wales blog to coincide with the Education Week they are running.  Below is the article I wrote for them looking at the misguided obsession of comparing England and Wales on GCSE/A Level results day.   957 more words


Are Museum Studies MAs now a requirement?

At the end of September I will commencing on the beginning of my year-long MA course in Museum Studies. It is therefore highly understandable as to why I was extremely interested when the usefulness of the Museum Studies MA qualification became a recent focus of the #museumhour Twitter campaign. 878 more words

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