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God Qualifies the Called!

This is an amazing book I am reading at the moment by Mark Batterson pastor of National Community Church. Each day you get a new Topic and a new verse accompanied by a short story or message. 511 more words


When Will I Qualify for Social Security?

When you are looking ahead toward your retirement years, you probably view Social Security as a future financial foundation. Without question, most people are going to rely upon Social Security to one extent or another, so you should know all of the facts. 128 more words

5a. Minimum to Qualify

Let’s talk about commission and Fast Start Bonus for a moment. If you currently have people in your organization, there is a potential to make commissions on their monthly order. 214 more words


Do You Have to Impoverish Yourself to Qualify for Medi-Cal?

When you hear about the Medi-Cal program, you may immediately draw certain conclusions.  Medi-Cal is a needs-based program, so you may assume that you must impoverish yourself to qualify for Medi-Cal coverage. 137 more words

Books and Certificates do NOT Qualify you

Buying the books, studying the books, passing the exams on the books and attaining a certificate, does not qualify you for a profession. You have to PROVE by your PERFORMANCE that you are qualified for a profession. 252 more words

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Saturday- Challenge makes you Bääääm- 14/2/15 Valentines Day...

I rested in the morning to do the 3rd team challenge WOD afternoon. It was:

one athlet has to do one of the following WODs for the total amount of time: 255 more words

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