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This one's for my girl

I was recently told that talking to me is like free therapy. I don’t know that I would ever say that but it feels good to make you feel good.  1,087 more words


Uncertain & Alone

Hi, everyone. I m Katie. I m not entirely sure if my experiences qualify as being severe enough to be disagnosed with PTSD, but a family friend diagnosed with PTSD recently pointed out that I am experiencing many symptoms, and after a few web searches I think she is right; descriptions of PTSD describe exactly what I ve been feeling. 35 more words

On the road again !

We are nearing the end of January and it is great to see all the usual faces on the road again. Since mid-January many had returned to the road to start their Comrades training. 544 more words


Can I Qualify for Medi-cal If I Own a Home

Can I Qualify for Medi-cal If I Own a Home from Timothy Murphy If you use Medi-Cal to pay for long-term care, and you are in possession of your home at your death, a reimbursement claim can be made against your home.  60 more words

Why God Called Us

When Christians today are asked what aspects of the Christian life are most important to them, missions is not usually ranked as a priority.  This is because we have lost track of why God called us in the first place.  

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Why it isn't about winning

I write this as I return from the first Open Competition of the year at Oxford. It was interesting to watch the different approaches people had to this early opportunity to get back into qualification mode – some trying out new programmes and others stepping out with their regular routine. 413 more words

Figure Skating

Want to sell more? Qualify, Qualify, Qualify.

I once talked to a new-ish salesperson on my team about a problem he was having with closing deals.  Let’s pretend his name was Richard. 1,464 more words