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Astana, Underdog Champion

Welcome FC Astana of Kazakhstan to Champions League (UCL). You will face giant champions here..

In another way, you made it somehow….. To make your supporters have wider smile. 174 more words


Qualifying or Disqualifying a prospective Customer

Quote Quote Quote.

This is what your asked for each and every day by prospective business callers? Or are they really prospective customers? Have you asked yourself questions about why you sell or do not sell? 550 more words


Yay A New Job!

 Last week was amazing!  Amazing because God blessed me in a way I could only ever imagine and/or dream of.  I wont bore you with the finer details but to explain the cause of such excitement, you need to know that I work in a very popular and very competitive field.   380 more words


Can I Give Away My Assets to Qualify for The Arizona Long Term Care System?

The Medicaid program has become the de facto source of long-term care insurance in the United States, because Medicare does not pay for long-term care. Medicaid is a jointly administered federal/state government program. 142 more words

Do You Have to Impoverish Yourself to Qualify for Medi-Cal?

Why would you want to qualify for Medi-Cal if you are going to be eligible for Medicare coverage when you reach the age of 65? This is a very good question, and you should certainly be aware of the answer when you are creating a plan for long-term care. 128 more words

How to Pre-Qualify for a VA Loan

The process of applying for a VA home loan is slightly different than that of a conventional mortgage, but applicants can expedite the process by pre-qualifying for a loan amount. 6 more words