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Never Miss Someone

Never miss someone who has the following qualities:

  • When they say sorry even if it’s not their fault
  • When they stop their argument to save their relationship with you…
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Christian Traits.

Earlier today I commented on a thread that was about one of the people involved in the terrible events in Paris, France. Every single person in the thread was calling for his death in brutal ways. 285 more words

thinking [said I am] Thursday

I am a lot of things.
I have a lot of bad qualities.
I am impatient, insecure.
I am a worrier and maybe a bit pessimistic. 187 more words

Married D/s

Qualities and Traits: are you like me?

Hey guys!

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about people. This may sound slightly strange but let me explain myself.

I mean like people as individuals along with all the many different characteristics that every person on this planet posses. 252 more words

Everyday Blog

Love Is Eternal...

Objective:  Reflect on love.  Time:  1 hour.  Need:  Paper and pen or markers.  Activity:  Make a quick sketch of the first image that pops in your mind that communicates the word “love” to you.  63 more words

please, don't try to impress me

Online dating allows you to meet people outside of your usual social circle. I was curious about the apps that had developed since the last time I was single, so I jumped into the world of swiping right to explore the city and see if I could figure out what qualities were important to me. 717 more words


The Moon’s best and worst qualities

Aries Moon 
best: Enthusiasm and perseverance
worst: Naive and impulsive

Taurus Moon
best: Wisdom and serenity
worst: Stubborn and predictable

Gemini Moon
best: Interesting and witty… 150 more words