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What Qualities Are Most Important In A Relationship?

The holiday season is almost here! This is the time for families to come together, it is the season for hot cocoa and tea cakes, for kisses under the mistletoe and NBA basketball :) . 608 more words


Leader's approach to a problem..

A Leader loves to hear a problem and gets excited while ‘providing’ the solution to the satisfaction of the seeker. The ‘providing’ may be by himself on his own or get it done by any means in the most effective manner. 102 more words



Aries is a fiery sign. Aries are energetic, active, dynamic, courageous  personality. They love competition. Aries accept challenges and complete the task in an organized way. 228 more words


Nice and Selfless.

Two qualities that current generations lack.

But I do not. So, I am not a part of this generation. If you are nice and selfless, you are not a part of this generation either. 188 more words


Saturday’s People’s Vote march in central London – where an estimated 700,000 people, all concerned about the impending doom-laden no-deal or hard Brexit –  united together in harmonious solidarity to express their feelings and demand a final say on what happens. 428 more words

Real Life

Being the “Nice Guy” Is a Problem

There are approximately 7.2 billion people on the planet. For the sake of posterity, let’s go ahead and split that number in half. That leaves 3.6 billion males, and 3.6 billion females. 2,246 more words


Qualities of a great chef

by Garcia, Loraine

The objective of the article was to give information about the top 5 best qualities of great chef. The purpose of this is to share the top 5 best qualities of great chef to the people who wants to cook, so that they will know the qualities of being a great chef. 368 more words