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The kind of people I like and the kind of people I do not like.

Do you know the kind of people
I like?
Do you like to know the kind of
People I like?
I like:
People who smile; 120 more words

Elements + Qualities = Signs

The signs are styles of expression. Everyone has all 12 signs in their chart, because your natal chart has 12 houses and each of the signs rules one of the houses in your chart. 363 more words


you have to model it

“I think it is all about legacy. I trace it back to my father. I think about all the things that he has taught me about hard work, respecting other people, and about not taking yourself too seriously. 594 more words


5 Qualities of Great Leaders

Do you have the qualities of a great leader? Have you ever wonder what qualities great leaders possess?

Great leaders are not born. It takes work. 884 more words


What personality type are you?

Your personality is a mix of specific characteristics that make up who you, how you think, how you behave, and influences every aspect of your life.  248 more words


The Self-esteem Rating Scale

This questionnaire is designed to measure how you feel about yourself. It is not a test, so there are no right or wrong answers. Please answer each item as carefully and accurately as you can by placing a number against each item as follows. 463 more words


A quality that I am working on...

HEY EVERYONE! It is almost Wednesday so we are half way through this week already. I just wanted to go ahead and jump right in to this blog. 309 more words