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Qualities of a giving heart

Hello :-) It’s so wonderful to have you hanging out with me :-)

Today we’ll be discussing the qualities of a giver’s heart. If you have been around church circles then you might be familiar with the term ‘servant’s heart.’ When I thought of this post, it made sense as the title but as I sat down to write, it didn’t fully fit. 1,040 more words


The Needed Qualities

The Needed Qualities
"Only be strong and very courageous to ensure that you obey all the instructions that my servant Moses gave you—turn neither to the right nor to the left from it—so that you may succeed wherever you go."-Joshua 1:7 |ISV… 201 more words

Exercise 5.2

First 30 bars of Haydn’s Emperor:

Opening: there is no question about the affirmative statement Haydn has in mind, strongly stated by the V-I right in the first bar, confirmed afterwards with the rhythm. 80 more words


Question of the day.

What are your favourite qualities about your friends?

My answer:

Many of my online friends have different qualities that I admire or greatly appreciate, and that’s what makes them my friends. 413 more words


So, you want to be a Politician?

Considering a career in politics? And why not? After all, what could be more fun than wielding a lot of power and shaping your country to your own vision. 500 more words


Insatiable greed
My hunger knows little bounds
Pursuit of knowledge


Photos of Foreign Women

I cannot get enough of digital images when it comes to beautiful ladies abroad. I have been downloading, saving, and looking at unlimited images for years. 1,095 more words

Foreign Women