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Three qualities I thought I wanted in a partner…funny, funny, funny

Three qualities I know matter…kind love himself, has dealt with his shit… 54 more words


21 Lessons for 21 Years

A few days before my birthday each year I make a list of lessons that I have learned throughout the year. One lesson for each year of life.  528 more words


5 Qualities that a woman must have to get noticed in her workplace

When it comes to working, women are always super busy juggling a ton of things and the last thing they ever want to be is another cog in the wheel. 527 more words


The Journey from Diffidence to Self-Confidence 🌟

I want you guys to ask yourself a question.Have you ever doubted your worth or abilities? I want you to know that it’s nothing to worry about, I’ve also had many times in my life when I’ve doubted that I’m not a good enough person, and that I’m talentless and am of no good to anyone. 832 more words


Media Writer Makeup

When it comes to writing, there are a myriad of qualities and skills that are essential for a writer to possess. When asked which quality and skill is the most important to me, I’d usually answer a question of that nature with something along the lines of “there is no one important quality/skill” or  “I can’t choose just one”. 466 more words

Week 2

About Who You Can Work With

Life will not go well as a solo venture.

It might appear to go well. There might be accolades and achievements to reflect the solo venture, it might even lift up the spirits recalling the barriers overcome. 258 more words


You attract people by the qualities you display. You keep them...

You attract people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess

13 more words