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Error: "Access is denied" when running QuickTest SAP scripts remotely

Error “Access is denied” when running QuickTest SAP scripts remotely from TestDirector on a local machine.

Other things that can occur are:

ALM Troubleshooting

HP ALM - How to Restore after Disaster

Situation: Someone on your team has accidentally deleted Test Cases / Scripts / Results / etc. from ALM.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the structure HP ALM stores data, here are the basics. 348 more words

Close All Opened Browsers Except HP Quality Center/ALM

Option : I

Function CloseIEExceptALM()
On Error Resume Next
iCurItr = 0
bExit = False
Set objDlg = Dialog("regexpwndtitle:=.*Internet Explorer.*","Index:=" & iCurItr)
If Dialog("regexpwndtitle:=.*Internet Explorer.*","Index:=" & iCurItr).Exist(0) Then… 266 more words


Automation Introduction | QTP/UFT Basics | Training material | Guide lines | Sample Codes|

Ways of Testing:

                   There are two ways of Testing

                                                                 1.Manual Testing

                                                                 2.Automation Testing

1.Manual Testing:

                        It is a way of testing in which one will perform all the phases of software testing life cycle like Test planning, Test development, Test execution, Result analysis, Bug tracking, and Reporting are accomplished manually, successfully with human efforts… 9,885 more words