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The Eckland Effect

It’s been a while since I’ve written – but sometimes between maintaining two blogs, a series on health for Examiner.com, answering emails from potential medical tourists, traveling and working long hours on assignment – I sometimes feel a bit like a candle burning at both ends. 1,167 more words


100% sugar-free!

I am currently on assignment in Massachusetts – and we’ve had our share of snow in the last few weeks.  It certainly makes me long for Latin America.. 1,149 more words

Medical Tourism

CBS news on the cons of medical tourism

CBS published a refreshing take on medical tourism – an article reviewing the pros and cons of traveling for medical care along with an interview with an American orthopedic surgeon,  Dr. 376 more words

Medical Tourism

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This is a page re-post to help some of my new readers become familiarized with Latin American Surgery.com – who I am, and what the website is about.. 790 more words

Medical Tourism

the ethical, moral and health hazards of transplant tourism

Now that’s a mighty long title – for a very small section of medical tourism, which alternates in generating world-wide headlines and being swept quietly under the rug. 536 more words

Surgical Tourism

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Re-visiting one of our classic posts on the ethics of transplant tourism - or 'organs for sale/ steal'

Just another reason for Latinamericansurgery.com

because you need someone who is objective (and informed) that is looking out for you, the patient..

In this article, at International Journal of Medical Travel, Kevin Pollard talks about the need for regulation of medical tourism in cosmetic surgery.   238 more words

Plastic Surgery

Colombian plastic surgeons answer back

Chairman of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery questions the ethics of medical tourism, Colombia responds.

Colombia is now 11th in the world for plastic surgeries by volume according to the… 981 more words

Plastic Surgery