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Beyond Manners

We sometimes assume that back talk, acting out, name calling and rude behavior are commonplace when it comes to interactions with our children. Teaching our children manners and respect is an essential part of teaching out children, as this translates into self-respect and building upon their self-esteem. 234 more words


This is a brief introduction to the vision and mission of a school.

It is customary for a school to make a public statement of its vision mission and purpose. 380 more words


Edtech- Revolutionizing Education

The caterpillar was ready to rise,
Sans her wings she delayed her flight
Target but she had in mind
Ferocious boundaries she had to climb. 938 more words


More Of Same

In my numerous (innumerable?) jottings on the sorry state of higher education these days I have tended to focus most of my attention on the undue emphasis on athletics in “higher” education along with the seemingly endless athletic scandals that have been a part of the collegiate climate. 751 more words

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Reviving Education With Technology Is Growing Trend

Technology has revolutionised the education system. And this progress is so widespread that demand for education technology or edtech had have grown manifold. Experts and educationalists are in the opinion that learning techs will shape the course of learning further and will have the crucial role in delivering education to mankind. 499 more words


New book provides some interesting insight on the notion of average

You know, ever since the government announced a few weeks ago that it was going to be putting together a set of standards for the teaching profession, I have been somewhat distracted by the idea. 1,484 more words

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