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Good principals must help teachers find their strengths

You know, it may sound odd, but ever since the DoEECD has begun talking about standards for teachers, I have been somewhat distracted by the notion. 1,380 more words

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Urban Campus Vs Rural Campus

After finishing higher secondary education one of most complex question arises in mind what’s next? Well, presumably parents, relatives or counselors can put an array of option in front of you but ultimately you have to decide by virtue of your interest, conscience, and consciousness. 706 more words


Unions protect bad teachers? Not so says a new report

Back in April of this year, a rather sensationalist piece of journalism was produced by the CBC seemingly directed  at undermining public confidence in teachers. Looking more like something from FOX than a publicly owned entity, an episode of Marketplace focussed on teacher discipline. 1,188 more words

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The 4 Benefits of Learning Music

Many of us consider learning music as important, but only a few see it as beneficial to larger ideas and life skills.

The fact is, learning music provides positive influences for young people as music education offers emotional, social, physical, and cognitive benefits. 481 more words

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Policy Brief | Literacy Without Learning

Sakshi Mehra

Executive Summary

India has made significant progress in boosting school enrolment rates and increasing access to primary education as evident from the fact that enrollments have reached 96% since 2009 and 56% of new students enrolled between 2007 and 2009 have been girls. 1,397 more words


Double honour for VIBGYOR High Group of Schools at World Education Congress 2016

VIBGYOR High Group of Schools has been awarded in two categories – ‘Best Operational Excellence in K12 Educational Institutes’ and ‘Award for Quality in Education’ 298 more words

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Why Is a Postgraduate Degree Important?

For many people, getting a college degree is enough, as it can already land them a good job with good pay. However, in today’s highly competitive world, one has to be highly skilled to be able to stand out. 420 more words

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