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Quality of Service in Smaller Communities

After my epiphany last year about public transit and giving up my personal car I have become a professional public transit rider. My commute often takes me across city lines, as I live in the suburbs. 335 more words


Competing Priorities

One of the most difficult things for any organisation, particularly for-profit businesses which must always keep a eye on cost, is to discern the appropriate priority in a swirling sea of possible priorities. 518 more words

Business Management

IT = Process + Systems

Too often we lose sight of our objective, especially when dealing with shiny new toys! This is an particularly acute problem with IT.

IT is more about process than it is about systems, even if the systems are very cool and shiny. 330 more words


Why, even Mars would soon need an errand-running service!

There’s finally a satellite stamped ‘Made in India’ circling the orbit of our closest neighbor and we couldn’t be happier. Through our well established sources, extensive research and analysis, we are now convinced that Mars would soon need an errand-running service of its own! 222 more words


Throwback Tuesday: Customer Service....is it really dead?

So, here we are. Three years later and we ask this question again: Is customer service really dead? Enjoy this oldie but goodie because we will be following this up with an updated article on the death, or not, of customer service.

518 more words

Get Your Carpets Looking Good As New

If you have attempted to clean your own carpets, you are aware of how hard it is when you aren’t used to the entire process. A professional carpet cleaner can often achieve far better results with less effort. 19 more words