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Teaching and Education

I’ll probably upset a lot of teachers and education experts by using these terms in the way I’m about to – but I’m writing this for the rest of us.  341 more words


A New Year, a New Administration, a New Higher Education Act Reauthorization?

Earlier this year, Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska called this election a “dumpster fire.” We were reminded of this insight by Terry Hartle (Senior Vice President, Division of Government and Public Affairs of the American Council on Education) at last week’s Presidents’ Forum. 1,280 more words


Top 3 Big Ideas from TestBash Manchester 2016

First in a series of posts summing up my thoughts on the Ministry of Testing’s latest success.

Note: The summaries below are based on my takeaways from the discussions, and are not necessarily representative of either the original intent or meaning of their authors! 1,247 more words

Hello Worldb - new testing blog in town

( ^ How to drive testers to your blog? I’m going with the irritant marketing approach… ^ )

Hi, I’m Stu, and I test software for a living. 455 more words