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Canada Cutlery Inc. Knife Series Part 1: Butcher Knives & Tools

Once a month for the next 6 months, I will be previewing the 6 key knife series that Canada Cutlery Inc. (CCI) offers to the consumer.  465 more words


The Importance of Quality

So I was intending to write a blog post every week this year and on the second week, I failed. Why did I let this happen? 212 more words

Be Awesome

Ten Pricing Strategies For Your Business

I have been thinking about pricing strategies lately; how most businesses based their prices for their products and services that they offer and provide. If you own your own business, or you are an entrepreneur of some kind especially when you are still new in the industry, on whatever craft you are involved in, pricing strategies are something that you become more interested about. 1,413 more words


Chokers: Always in Style

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Chokers. We either like them or we don’t. Personally, I have to wear them with every outfit I try, meaning I have a variety of them. 173 more words


How to Choose a Quality Water Flow Meter | Kytola Instruments

Having a quality water flow meter is essential in a variety of industries. Kytola will help you experience less problems because of improper equipment. You need a proper meter made for the particular fluid being used and have an accurate measure always.

What's Next in Building Design & Construction? Health & Wellness

Without a doubt, the biggest rising trend in the architecture, engineering and construction industry is health and wellness. In the mid-80s, the World Health Organization released a report on the impact of indoor air quality on building occupants. 579 more words

Quality And Risk Management

You Can’t Get More Holy

By Joel A. Hess

Everything in life is about progress, right? Civilized people desire to make everything better. From running to skipping, from skiing on the bunny hill to taking the double black diamonds, humanity cheers improvement.  697 more words