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Not So Dystopian

This week I began replaying one of my favorite narrative driven shooters, Wolfenstein: The New Order. With Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus releasing in October, I wanted to refresh my memory of the games events. 2,187 more words


Detroit: Become Human — David Cage on Creating the Perfect Android

From feedproxy.google.com – The story of Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream’s upcoming PS4 neo-noir thriller, centres around three androids, built with the sole purpose to serve out their programmed function in the titular city in the near-future of 2038.  41 more words


Kurt's E3 2017 Highlights

Original article courtesy of WarpZoned.

Detroit: Become Human
I remember the first time I spent an entire night playing Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy from start to finish in a single sitting. 363 more words

Kurt Indovina

E3: New "Detroit: Become Human" trailer released.

David Cage and Quantic Dream’s new game Detroit: Become Human received a new trailer today detailing how the gameplay mechanic of choice may work and how it can affect the overarching story. 306 more words


Wow. Newest Detroit: Become Human trailer is a stunner 

Forgotten by some, the E3 2016 trailer for Detroit: Become Human was a stunner. This newest trailer? Makes last years look like a high school art project. 45 more words


Congratulations, you've reached level 23

As I finish a 56-minute game of Conquest on SMITE, I open my laptop. I begin typing and here you are, reading my history as a gamer. 637 more words


Beyond the Ordinary: Why Everything Should Be Put Into a Video Game

That everything should be put into a video game simply suggests that the typically excluded banality of everyday life should not be underestimated as a source of meaning. 113 more words

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