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Priyanka Chopra apologizes to India

Priyanka Chopra apologizes to India

As the latest episode of Quantico gets controversial for its anti Indian plot, Priyanka has issued an apology through her twitter. 19 more words

Is Priyanka Chopra an Anti-National?

TL:DR: No.

Of course not! It’s crazy to think so. Some of you don’t seem to realise why I’m suddenly writing about this. You wanna know what happened. 686 more words


Priyanka Chopra Apologizes To Fans Outraged Over 'Quantico' Terrorist Episode

Actress Priyanka Chopra apologized today to those offended by a recent episode of her series Quantico that featured a terror plot involving Indian nationalists.

The episode outraged some fans of the Mumbai-born Bollywood star, who viewed it as a betrayal of her people. 355 more words

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Indophobia is often a default position.

Cringing Indians apologetic about their roots re-enforce these phobic attitudes.

Why talk about Mill, Macaulay, the Evangelists and others when we have people like Priyanka Chopra to defame, disparage and denigrate India. 254 more words


ABC Apologizes for 'Quantico' Episode

ABC has apologized for a recent episode of drama series “Quantico” that generated controversy on social media.

June 1 episode “The Blood of Romeo” featured a storyline in which Indian terrorists plot an attack with the goal of framing Pakistan in an effort to thwart upcoming peace talks. 164 more words