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QM Talks@CBPF: Marcelo F. Santos -- 08.11, 16h00

This week we have the pleasure to receive Marcelo F. Santos (UFRJ) as a speaker in our series QM Talks@CBPF. Marcelo and co-authors have recently put in the arXiv an intriguing paper: … 258 more words


Producing single photons

Researchers at the University of Bath have recently developed a technique to more reliably produce single photons, potentially advancing the field of quantum information processing. The study of the world at the atomic scale is what gave birth to the field of quantum physics. 445 more words

University Newspaper

QM Talks@CBPF: Thiago Guerreiro — 01.11, 16h00

Following with our series of seminars QM Talks@CBPF, the next talk will be given by Thiago Guerreiro (PUC-RJ). Thiago has just returned to Brazil after postdoc and PhD in the group of Nicolas Gisin. 111 more words


Quantum Computer

Dr. Mika Hirvensalo 19.3.2016

The triumph of the development of classical computers is nearing its end: the miniaturization of modern day transistors becomes harder and harder when the counterintuitive, and sometimes even unpredictable, quantum phenomena start to play a major role in their physics. 40 more words


COTEO@CBPF: Giuseppe Di Molfetta -- 25.10, 14h30

From this Friday (20.10) up to the end of the month we have the pleasure to receive Giuseppe Di Molfeta at CBPF. Giuseppe has many contributions to the topic of quantum walks. 356 more words

Quantum Information

A First Glimpse of Rigetti's Quantum Computing Cloud

Quantum computing has been picking up the momentum, and there are many startups and scholars discussing quantum machine learning. A basic knowledge of quantum two-level computation ought to be acquired. 698 more words


The Holographic Principle

A particular buzzword that flies around physics articles these days is holography. When most people think of holograph it conjures images of science-fiction movies with shimmering images.   729 more words