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Some updates

These last four and a half months have been exciting in may ways. Three papers submitted to arXiv: The first on Entanglement in DQC1, the second, a  79 more words

Quantum Computing with spinning black holes

Spinning black holes are capable of complex quantum information processes encoded in the X-ray photons emitted by the accretion disk.


Source: Photonic Bell states creation around rotating black holeshttp://arxiv.org/abs/1608.06822

What is fingerprinting and how quantum mechanics can improve it

If you are a fan of police procedure series such as CSI, Law and Order, and others you are probably very aware of the importance of our fingerprints. 600 more words


What matters to me, and why?

Students at my college asked every Tuesday. They gathered in a white, windowed room near the center of campus. “We serve,” read advertisements, “soup, bread, and food for thought.” One professor or visitor would discuss human rights, family,  religion, or another pepper in the chili of life. 1,029 more words


NUSOD 2016 Preview: Modelling of Single Photon Detection using Superconducting Nanowires Integrated in a Photonic Chip Cavity

In the last couple of decades, photonic quantum computing has become a leading contender as a platform for quantum information processing [1]. Recently, CMOS-fabrication technology has been used for quantum optics applications using compact silicon-on-insulator (SOI) photonic circuits. 542 more words

NUSOD Conference

Jyrki Piilo: quantum memory and quantum systems

We talk to Dr Jyrki Piilo from the Non-Markovian Processes and Complex Systems group at Turku Centre for Quantum Physics about his work, the future of his field and his advice for a younger generation of scientists. 820 more words