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QM Talks@CBPF: Alexander Bouvrie – 05.02, 16h

Last week we had a great talk by Andrea on the entanglement dynamics of fermionic systems. But think now that a system is composed by two (distinguishable) fermions… is the whole system a fermion in itself? 248 more words


Misconceptions about weak measurements: 1. Weak 'measurements'.

It seems that I am somehow drawn to controversial subjects. Maybe it’s my nature as an Israeli. Much of my Phd research has been around the… 915 more words


A Brief History of Matter: Quantum Electrodynamics, A Universe of Nonlocality

Wave Particle Duality: The Quantum Bit, “The Strange Theory of Light and Matter”

E = mc^2

E = hf

de Broglie
p = h/λ 335 more words

Quantum Information

The Economist on quantum psychology

HALF a century of research has shown that people do not always follow the “rational” rules of classical probability theory when making decisions, particularly under conditions of uncertainty.

229 more words
Quantum Biology

V |WECIQ> Workshop-Escola de Computação e Informação Quântica

There are various groups in Brazil working with quantum information and quantum computation. Different places have different expertise, what makes the environment propitious for collaborations and a factory of great ideas! 97 more words

Quantum Information

Colloquium @CBPF: Paulo Henrique Souto Ribeiro — 30.09, 16h

Paulo H. S. Ribeiro, known to everyone as Paulão, is one of the most important figures for the quantum information community in Brazil. Paulão is the head (the arm, the leg, the heart!) of the… 850 more words