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Conference: JPhysA at The Fifth Quantum Thermodynamics Conference

13th – 17th March 2017,  Oxford University Department of Physics, (UK). 

The Fifth Quantum Thermodynamics Conference covers theory and experiments related to thermodynamics of quantum systems, information thermodynamics, thermalisation and equilibration, foundations of thermodynamics, and quantum heat engines. 178 more words

Journal Of Physics A: Mathematical And Theoretical

Three papers published

When it rains it pours. I had three papers published in the last week. One experimental paper and two papers about entanglement.

  1. Experimental violation of the Leggett–Garg inequality in a three-level system…
  2. 97 more words

Fourier Transform on Finite Groups (Quantum Fourier Transform)

Often it’s useful to study functions on spaces by examining how they transform under various transformations of the spaces. This general idea gives rise to many interesting objects. 885 more words

A Holevo quantity inequality

For some reason, I wanted to know the following fact at some point.

Let be an ensemble of states of a bipartite system . For the Holevo information, we have where is the expected value of the quantum mutual information . 48 more words

Prospects in Mathematics

I’ve just spent two days in York, at the annual Prospects in Mathematics meeting.

This LMS-supported meeting is aimed at undergraduates or masters students who are thinking about doing a PhD, and tries to give them information about what research in mathematics is like, what different branches of mathematics entail, where you might go to work on a topic you are interested in, and so forth. 960 more words