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Image of the week: hybrid devices for quantum information

This week’s image of the week comes from a recent JPCM paper exploring the combination of a superconducting flux qubit with an electron spin ensemble as a way of processing quantum information. 118 more words

Condensed Matter Physics

Lorenza Viola interview: journey into quantum information theory

Lorenza Viola is a Professor of Physics and the Director of the Quantum Information Science Initiative at Dartmouth. She is a theoretical physicist specialising in quantum information processing and quantum statistical mechanics, and a 2014 Fellow of the American Physical Society. 1,290 more words


QM Talks@CBPF: Nadja K. Bernardes – 16.09, 16h00

The Paraty Quantum Information School and Workshop is over… or is it?
The actual conference it is over, but its effects are still strongly felt. Our next seminar of the series QM Talks@CBPF will be delivered by Nadja K. 225 more words


Image of the week: entanglement structures in qubit systems

Entanglement is a natural consequence of the superposition principle and a distinguishing feature in quantum mechanics. It is desirable to better understand and quantify the nature of entanglement within a quantum system and qubit systems appear to offer an ‘ 188 more words

Image Of The Week

Research for Science Fiction Writing: How Our Minds Create Reality

Just wanted to share a short essay I wrote about information and thinking. I do a lot of research for my writing in science fiction and sometimes get lost in thought about these topics thinking about how I could incorporate them into a new story. 1,354 more words


One Step Closer to Quantum Computing—Logic Gates Made from Light

Microprocessors consist of billions of logic gates etched in silicon. These gates carry out simple logical functions that combine to perform powerful calculations. In order for quantum computers to exist logic gates could be made from pure light. 140 more words

CBPF prize award colloquium: Stephen P. Walborn

Edit 27.08.2015. The colloquium given by Steve is already online!


Tomorrow (25.09.15) CBPF will award the “CBPF prize” to Stephen Patrick Walborn… I mean, to Steve. 870 more words

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