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Quantum Leap 1.3 Star-Crossed

The Leap: Marion, Ohio, 15th June  1972

The Leapee: Dr. Gerald Bryant, amorous English Teacher

Now we’re cooking with an opening voice over from Sam explaining the concept to new viewers and that iconic theme tune are in place.   792 more words

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It is Time for a Quantum Leap!

Going step by step in knowing your numbers is not always necessary…It is a bleak rainy, really rainy, thunder and lightning any day, and I am setting off on a day of friendship and energy with no regard to what is sitting on my desk in my office for it is time for the quantum leap, and I need help achieving that. 133 more words

Quantum Leap - Double Identity [1.5]

Sam leaps into Frankie La Palma, a mob hit-man who is having an affair with Teresa, the girlfriend of his “Godfather,” Geno.  Al reveals a complicated plan to try to bring Sam back home, but this is spoiled when the Godfather discovers Frankie & Teresa’s relationship.  1,339 more words


Quantum Leap 1.1/1.2 Genesis

I started this blog because I wanted to write about the TV shows, books, movies (comics, games, music etc) that I cared about and one show I really care about is Quantum Leap. 1,146 more words

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NBC's "Timeless" and Time Travel on TV: Learning From the Past to Depict the Future

If any of us could time-travel back to earlier TV eras, some of us would probably bring back forgotten documented proof of how many time travel shows networks attempted in the last six decades. 964 more words

Where and When in the World is Dr. Sam Beckett?

This page is a record of all the times and places that Dr. Sam Beckett has been to in his five seasons of televised time-travel adventures on… 150 more words


Quantum Leap - How the Tess Was Won [1.4]

Sam leaps into a farm vet in 1950’s Texas, and becomes embroiled in a bet to win the heart of cowgirl Tess McGill.  Convinced that this is what he has to do to continue leaping, Sam agrees to attempt to “out-cowboy” Tess in order for her to agree to marry him.  1,208 more words