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Quantum Leap: Odyssey

Someone call Donald P. Bellisario, I’ve got an idea for him. It’s eluded me for a while as to why so many half-baked sci-fi shows get multiple spinoffs and movies, when one of the best, Quantum Leap, only got the one shot. 765 more words

From Somewhere in the MetaVerse

Years ago, my brother and I used to discuss what we called the “MetaVerse.” This was a place where our most crazy ideas lived and served to entertain us when others did not understand our line of thought. 1,771 more words


Quantum Fluctuations

Quantum Fluctuations
By Israfel Sivad

The first time it had ever happened was when who was now a man was still a child. The second time it had ever happened was when he was a teenager. 2,353 more words

Andrew's Songs

Dr. David Troutman - Part of Quantum Leaps' Team of Teams

Dr. David Troutman has been promoted to Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Research and Decision Support

The former Director of the Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), Dr. 407 more words

Quantum Leap and the Future Will Appear - Donna Thomas Joins OSI


In February of this year, Donna Thomas joined the University of Texas System’s Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) as the Director of System Project Management. 240 more words

Higher Education

The Island Of The Lizard King

I often like writing about stuff I love. It’s even better when it’s stuff that I love that has influenced my writing. If you’ll allow me to bang on about books for a bit then read on. 384 more words

Oh boy: revisiting Quantum Leap

You know sometimes you think you know someone really well and then they drop something on you that makes you question everything you thought you knew about them? 888 more words

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