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Restaurant Review: Quantum Leap

Details: Located at 226 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012. Official site is http://www.quantumleapnewyork.com/

Quantum Leap is essentially a compromise between me and me vegan friends. 166 more words



Just a random noise, I suspect at first
I try to hear with outright concentration, but in vain
As if nothing could prepare me
For it was beyond the limited perception of my brain… 89 more words


5-10 Happy birthday to Meg Foster.

05-10 Happy birthday to Meg Foster, Born: May 10, 1948.

Megan “Meg” Foster played Onaya in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season four episode “The Muse”. 152 more words

We Existed

We existed
on different levels of consciousness
Taking a Quantum Leap
from my level to hers
created an increase in energy
that threw me into her arms… 11 more words


Ken Gillings' Hysterical Tours

Dear old Ken died too soon. His tours were hugely educational – and such fun. You had to listen carefully or you’d miss his wicked Sergeant-Major little asides and throw-away comments. 218 more words


3-26 Happy anniversary to Quantum Leap.

03-26 Happy anniversary to the TV series Quantum Leap which first aired on March 26, 1989.

Synopsis: Former scientist Sam Beckett finds himself trapped in time due to an experiment gone awry, leaping into the body of a different person each week. 80 more words

Top 20 TV Theme Songs from Genre Series, part 2 of 2

Music is often an integral part of a TV show, especially the opening theme. Last week, I shared ten of my favorite, most memorable themes from sci-fi/fantasy and action/adventure series of the past few decades. 172 more words

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