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Power Of Your Story

As many of you know, a couple of months ago I decided to take a leap into the unknown and take my coaching business online. I am successfully growing a soft-skills training and public speaking career here in China, and I wanted to go back to connecting more with people directly. 1,421 more words

Quantum Leap

Person of Interest [Seasons 1 to 3]

Over the past year or so I’ve been slowly working my way through Person of Interest . I can’t remember who first recommended it to me, but it may have been… 1,669 more words


Top 10 Best Time Travel Devices Of All Time + Vote for your Favourite

One of the tropes of science fiction is time travel and it has spanned the works of H.G. Wells to this year’s blockbuster Doctor Strange… 1,044 more words

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Misleading Words, Contranyms, Misnomers & Oxymorons

What is unusual about the word pulchritude. It means beauty, especially the beauty of a woman. Pulchritude is certainly not an attractive word. How about the word… 2,024 more words


Welcome Overwhelm

I don’t doubt that we’ve all been there. And if we’re being really honest, we’re probably all going to be there again at some point. It happens to even the most organized and productive of us from time to time. 974 more words

Quantum Leap

Crucial quantum leap

The ground is still shaking. All around smells like shifting. Everyday I have been looking for thoughts to hold on to, paths to follow, words to shield me. 149 more words

Nature & Consciousness

Quantum Leap

What do you get when you combine

  • a microwave popcorn-loving physicist with an IQ of 267
  • a womanizing, cigar-smoking, naval officer hologram
  • and a top secret government time travel program?
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