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TV Show Grand Finales: Some of the Best and Worst

Last night I tuned in to see the finale of the popular CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.  Immediately following the controversial ending, people took to the internet to voice their opinions (shocking, I know).  2,053 more words


TV Programmes That Meant The Most

I read once that TV had now overtaken film as the No. 1 medium for storytelling. I love movies so this felt pretty sad, but it also feels like it could be true. 1,396 more words


Life is about to get crazy good!!!

Your ideas are original, inventive, and progressive. You thrive on intellectual stimulation, change, and unusual/unconventional experiences…Just go with it!!!

Be reminded of the wisdom of the Universe…All answers are available to you when you reconnect with your source and with those who know how to be nurtured by it. 420 more words

Has This Happened to You?

Déjà vu. All of a sudden, you’re reliving a moment in your life as if it was your second go around. Everything feels extremely familiar. … 236 more words

Re'Spec (Scripts) *Hurr*

The whole spec script thing is pretty alien to me, being a Brit and all. I don’t know, maybe I’m completely ignorant (wouldn’t be the first time *rimshot*) but I remember reading once that Ronald D.Moore got his start by writing a spec script for Star Trek: The Next Generation, getting it into the hands of a producer there and from that getting a place on the writing staff. 1,032 more words



To say that we can turn off fear like turning off a light switch would be, in most cases, an exaggeration.  Unexpected events happen all the time and our reaction is most times unpredictable and uncontrollable, but as we have talked before, what comes after that is, what we can really control and decide how to act about it. 565 more words