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The James Bond Rewatch: QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2008)

If Casino Royale was a love story then Quantum of Solace is a revenge flick, showing a ruthless 007 that’s often more Jason Bourne than James Bond. 1,105 more words

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The original Twisted Metal from 1995 was the game I asked for votes on and it won. I played it and it definitely has the core of what made this car combat game a success, it doesn’t always do it well. 177 more words


Quantum of Solace Review

So I watched Quantum of Solace…

This Bond film tries to do what no Bond film before it (or at least none that I remember has ever done) – it tries to introduce continuity into the series. 969 more words

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The Name's Bland, James Bland.

I, like many other avid Bond fans around the world, was in comprehensibly excited for the opening of the next installment of 007 Spectre.

I viewed the film, like many others, on the opening night, and went in, like many others, with high expectations following on from the success of its predecessor Skyfall. 619 more words

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Spectre Review

Guest Post by Anthony Moore

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I love Daniel Craig. I love James Bond. I love Daniel Craig as James Bond.  522 more words

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The Chronicles of SPECTRE: SPECTRE (2015)

By Nicolas Suszczyk, Guest Writer

No analysis of the chronicles of SPECTRE would be complete if we didn’t examine the latest James Bond outing, SPECTRE, the fourth 007 film starring Daniel Craig and the second directed by Sam Mendes. 1,000 more words

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Spectre wanders but worth the wait

YEP – Bond is back – and that’s always a good thing. This is a franchise that never ceases to rally my entire family to the local cineplex. 271 more words

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