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நிரந்தர அண்டக் கோட்பாடு- இறைவன் - விவாதம்

இராய் சௌதுரி சமன்பாடு (Raychaudhuri equation) என்பது ஆரம்பமும் முடிவும் இலாத அண்டத்தைப் பற்றியது.  அதனடிப்படையில் இராய் சௌதுரியின் மாணாக்கரான சூர்ய தாஸ் அவர்களின் ஆய்வைப் பற்றி வந்த செய்தியை [1]மொழியியல் பேராசிரியர். தெய்வசுந்தரம் அவர்கள் பகிர்ந்ததனால் விளைந்த விவாதம் இது. 94 more words


Zen and the Skunk Muse

Just for Fun.

It was about a year ago springtime… Around 5:30 AM; the sun was not quite above the horizon and the clouds were an orange tint of red to the east.  1,331 more words


String Theory - part 5: General Relativity vs Quantum Mechanics

In the last century our understanding of the Universe has gotten an unimaginable boost. Theoretical concepts of both General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics have allowed us to comprehend and, in some cases, even predict physical phenomena taking place on atomic and subatomic scales, and on the scales of the entire Universe, so to speak. 3,618 more words

String Theory

The Illusion of Time: Part 1

Happy Saturday, my friends!

Today is Day 6 of a 7 day unprecedented Team Pendlebury couples juice cleanse.  But more on that later, future blog post.

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Naturopathic Medicine

Schrodinger's Bacterium: Superposition of Living Things

What unites chlorophyll, the way birds find their way south for winter, and possibly the most famous thought experiment of all time? That would be superposition. 1,014 more words


String Theory - part 4: Quantum Mechanics - the World of Weirdness

You and Jim are a little bit tired after all those experiments you conducted in order to test Special and General Relativity and are now looking for a bar here on Earth. 6,990 more words

Quantum Physics