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Schrodinger's Cat

Treading by
It sniffed in disdain
At thought experiments done
Then turns away from
Being the cat.


Happy Birthday V <3

for V

Conceived of two breaths that became One,
Entwined among the Quantum reality.
Entangling you in a starry soup,
A roaring fire that lit up the darkness, 71 more words


MATT KAHN โ€“ DEMYSTIFYING ASCENSION โ€“ ENTERING the 5th DIMENSION โ€“ 4-19-15 leave a comment ยป


Matt Kahn

When not taken literally, ascension represents a point in history where an entire civilization undergoes a spiritual evolution that so many prophets, masters, and avatars had foreshadowed before. 752 more words


Seeing is Believing - or Is It?

A startling discovery

I found a report on NPR about a study conducted by psychological researchers at Johns Hopkins in multiple infant observations startled me this last week. 1,621 more words


The Strange Case of Light and Matter

Article: Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction

Author: Andrew Thomas

Word Count: 1,129

Publisher: Ipode.org.uk

Food for Thought:

  • Is light wave or matter?
  • Do objects behave like waves when unmonitored?
  • 90 more words
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Can you live a dream…with your beloved…can you meet him…in a parallel reality…and then find him in the next reality??? What if you had been separated…by events beyond your control…but your Father in Heaven still wanted him to be yours??? 373 more words