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Saving One

The dark-haired woman with the shimmering gown sighed. He hadn’t noticed that she was breathing before. “This is only the beginning. There are a great many things you will need to learn.”

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Short Story

Too Much.

I think the idiot in the white house has stepped over the line with his latest comments about “shit-hole” countries.

Even though there is no longer a line, or at least we… 1,203 more words

The Authentic Life

Deeply Awake -- Dear Friends 7-14-13 By Kathy Vik

Deeply Awake — Dear Friends 7-14-13 By Kathy Vik

You know, if you have been following along, that I sort of reached a point of disgust, of sadness and of disappointment which found me, if not inconsolable, then non-plussed, about a week ago. 7,843 more words


Whatever Happened to Jamaica?

“What is it, Al?”

“Beats me Enrico, but my calculations say we’ve got another twelve hours and nineteen minutes to find out before the next reality shift occurs.” 285 more words

Short Story

Quantum Bridge Part 2 ... by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; filmed on 25 June 2014

Dear Ones,

This is about quantum reality, our body of light (same as ‘causal body’?), and the physical body. There’s a Summary after the video … 157 more words


Covenant Book: 03 Cascading Dependencies

What we propose here is a radical transformation of how we do religion.

In philosophical terms, religion is a human response to some higher spiritual drive. 1,243 more words


The Supernatural

Just a quick note…

In many ways, the word “supernatural” is mostly used in place of “inexplicable” in the sense that it signals something from another realm of existence. 306 more words