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Put on the Crazy Suit

I don’t know where to start; this thing doesn’t have a tail or head.

Look, you can think what you like about my notion that Creation is alive and we can talk to the animals and trees and grass and rocks. 998 more words


Fluid Prophesies

David spent so much of his life deciding between a career in physics or theology and here he was in Jerusalem’s Old City embracing both. It was called the City of David, and Yeshua himself taught here and would later rule, but Moses and Aaron laid the foundation. 139 more words

Science Fiction

Crossover: The Expanded Version

“The next leg of our vacation takes us on the ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria where we leave the U.S. for Canada.”

“Honey,” Glenn’s wife complained. 2,268 more words

Short Story

The Crossover

“The next leg of our vacation takes us on the ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria.”

“Honey,” Glenn’s wife complained. “You sound like a tour bus driver.” 249 more words

Short Story

Day 785 - The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events

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Introducing paranormal series. The existence of quantum physical. Quantum physical is where: consciousness as energy and physicality as manifested solidity – meets and merges. 185 more words

Net Effects

Once again, I find myself up against the limitations of communicating in English. It’s not the language itself, but all the demented intellectual baggage that comes with it. 1,196 more words

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