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Existence itself ...
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Understanding the Quantum World and Our Quantum Nature Part Two Quantum Brain

In the first part of this series we began to understand the “quirky” nature of quantum mechanics in very basic ways. We realize this understanding is hard to get your head around, and even scientists are struggling with understanding the facts they are uncovering. 1,296 more words

World Events

Understanding the Quantum World and Our Quantum Nature Part One

We are beginning a three part series to help us all understand the true “nature” of the new reality that is currently unfolding. It really isn’t as mysterious as we might think. 3,316 more words


The nature of reality

Hmmm. Reality. Interesting concept, but do we have a clue as to what it really is?

Well, actually, no. All we have is this consensus. We all agree that things are pretty much as they seem. 760 more words


Noah and Cultural Identity

A distinctive cultural identity is required under Noah’s Covenant.

In essence, the whole thing rests on the divine calling. God calls every human on this earth to live in a certain place and create a mode of life that implements heart-led moral guidance. 862 more words


AI Is the Wrong Path

People talk about AI and the prospect of electronic sentience, but they have no idea.

It was a tech support house call. When I walked into the lady’s computer room, her machine told me everything was alright. 1,295 more words


Heathen Religious Wars

Let’s understand things in terms of what will actually work. Keep in mind that anyone who adheres from the heart to God’s Law will harvest a blessing of… 1,594 more words