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In the quantum world, the future affects the past: Hindsight and foresight together more accurately 'predict' a quantum system’s state

Date: February 9, 2015

In the quantum world, the future predicts the past. Playing a guessing game with a superconducting circuit called a qubit, a physicist has discovered a way to narrow the odds of correctly guessing the state of a two-state system. 1,180 more words

Quantum Science

A Dialectic on the Great Pumpkin and the Quantum State*

Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin, I was asked the other day.

I do, scraggly buck-toothed grin and all, I replied. I even visit the pumpkin patch periodically. 908 more words

Creative Writing

Is quantum state an attribute or dimension?

I think that a quantum state is a dimension. After measurement (wavefunction collapse) the eigenvalue (the specific value obtained by the measurement) is an attribute. 257 more words


The Scientific Case For God

In our last of a three part series on the nature of reality we explore where this all leads us. Where do we come out in the end? 311 more words


A journey that you have never experienced before. #quantumstate


Summer of the Drunk Bike Crash: A Physics Lesson

In a group of ten cyclists at 2am, third from the front, he hit a back tire. The first rider swerved and cut off the second rider who cut off the third, who flipped over his handlebars in a mess of birthday terror in front of the ice cream shop. 869 more words