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Causation does not explain contextuality

Quantum 2, 63 (2018).


Realist interpretations of quantum mechanics presuppose the existence of elements of reality that are independent of the actions used to reveal them. 146 more words


Can a quantum drum vibrate and stand still at the same time?

Researchers have studied how a ‘drumstick’ made of light could make a microscopic ‘drum’ vibrate and stand still at the same time.

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Researchers create a quantum entanglement between two physically separated ultra-cold atomic clouds

Members of the Department of Theoretical Physics and History of Science of the UPV/EHU’s Faculty of Science and Technology together with researchers from the University of Hannover have achieved quantum entanglement between two spatially separated Bose-Einstein condensates, ultra-cold atomic ensembles. 21 more words


Entangled atoms shine in unison

A team led by Austrian experimental physicist Rainer Blatt has succeeded in characterizing the quantum entanglement of two spatially separated atoms by observing their light emission. 32 more words


Physicists developing quantum-enhanced sensors for real-life applications

A University of Oklahoma physicist, Alberto M. Marino, is developing quantum-enhanced sensors that could find their way into applications ranging from biomedical to chemical detection.

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Deeper understanding of quantum chaos may be the key to quantum computers

New research gives insight into a recent experiment that was able to manipulate an unprecedented number of atoms through a quantum simulator. This new theory could provide another step on the path to creating the elusive quantum computers.

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New quantum probability rule offers novel perspective of wave function collapse

Quantum theory is based heavily on probabilities, since measuring a quantum system doesn’t produce the same outcome every time, but instead yields one of many outcomes that each occur with a certain probability. 49 more words