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New quantum simulation protocol developed

Researchers are a step closer to understanding quantum mechanics after developing a new quantum simulation protocol.

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A step closer to understanding quantum mechanics: Physicists develop a new quantum simulation protocol

For most everyday experiences, such as riding a bicycle, using a lift or catching a ball, classical (Newtonian) mechanics is perfectly accurate.

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Gamma rays will reach beyond the limits of light

Researchers have discovered a new way to produce high energy photon beams. The new method makes it possible to produce these gamma rays in a highly efficient way, compared with today’s technique. 40 more words


Two teams independently test Tomonaga–Luttinger theory

(Phys.org)—Two teams of researchers working independently of one another have found ways to test aspects of the Tomonaga–Luttinger theory that describes interacting quantum particles in 1-D ensembles in a Tomonaga–Luttinger liquid (TLL). 68 more words


Mars has Invisible Magnetic Tail, Finds NASA's MAVEN Mission

Mars has an invisible magnetic “tail” that is twisted by interaction with the solar wind, according to new research using data from NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft. NASA’s Mars…

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Collision of Neutron Stars Proves General Relativity Prediction of Einstein

A global scientific project has finally observed the collision of neutron stars, directly, for the first time, with great significance for cracking enduring challenges in astrophysics around… 6 more words