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Mayhem (2017)

D: Joe Lynch / 87m

Cast: Steven Yeun, Samara Weaving, Steven Brand, Caroline Chikezie, Kerry Fox, Dallas Roberts, Mark Frost, Claire Dellamar, André Eriksen, Nikola Kent, Lucy Chappell, Olja Hrustic… 1,181 more words


Quarantine the Infected!!!

The world has been infected by an incurable disease! You’re in charge of a global organization dedicated to finding a cure for this deadly disease! Monitor the disease’s evolutions and mutations and respond accordingly! 424 more words


Quarantine: From French, meaning ’40 days’, Read more:

Quarantine: From the French ‘quarante’ meaning 40 days, it was originally applied to the period of 40 days where a widow was allowed to stay in her home after her husband had died.This in turn was from the Latin ‘quadraginta’, itself meaning forty. 23 more words



Oh my goodness, teaching in a Chinese school is crazy!  I have never seen such craziness in all my years of teaching.  I know I mentioned that my school is (loosely) under quarantine.  657 more words

Non-fiction Travel

Etymology Corner- Square

You rested in the Etymology Corner. But you’re still hungry….

Let’s talk about Square! I’m also a huge fan of this company, and fortunately their name is also a common word with a fascinating history. 205 more words


Western Australian Frangipani Export Restrictions & Requirements

As of late 2017, there are restrictions and requirements in place on the export of plants from Western Australia to other states due to several bugs that are threatening crop viability. 327 more words


An introduction to extended attributes, xattrs

Origin and Purposes

Extended attributes associate metadata with individual files and folders. In Classic MacOS, many files have resource forks to contain structured metadata: a classic app, for example, stores definitions of windows, menus, dialogs, etc., in its resource fork. 974 more words