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What should you look out for in the four next-generation libraries opening this year?

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Book-lovers across the island can look forward to four next-generation libraries re-opening this year – each one customised to fit the demographics and preferences of its residents. 181 more words

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What's my age again?!

I have been 25 for a whole month now (congratulations, me!) so what exciting things have happened this month?

  • I have glasses
  • I have put my shoes on the wrong feet and not noticed.
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Winter Quarter 2017: A Shooting Star that Burnt a Little too Bright at Times

Winter quarter felt like I took a long hike through a beautiful trail with fantastic weather that somehow managed to lead me to a series of obstacles like a roaring river or some random bottomless pit I somehow managed to cross. 2,195 more words

McDonald's Is Killing Off The Quarter Pounder With Cheese In Japan

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Oh dear. This is bad news! Very bad. Starting April 4, you cannot order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Japan, because the country’s McDonald’s restaurants won’t be offering it. 253 more words



A few thousand more of these and I just might be okay. 


SFCC: Digital 126

This year I went back to school and could not be more pleased! I have finally decided to go learn about something I love. Photography! Here are some photos from my digital class this quarter that I hope you all enjoy. 146 more words