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Travels in Azerbaijan: Quba and Xinaliq

Being both longer and higher than the Alps, the Caucasus is difficult to describe in a nutshell. It reaches across Eurasia from the Black Sea to the Caspian, has a complex geological make up and around fifty plus ethnically diverse people, and, isolated as some parts of it are, many of them have their own specific genetic make up and language. 1,795 more words

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Quba Islamic Institute Rebuilding

As you may recall, on February 13 a fire was started at the Quba Islamic Institute in Houston.Christians and Jews rallied around leaders at Quba, who eventually asked for the charges to be dropped.  260 more words

Travelogue: Umrah 2015 - Part 4: Ziyaraat in Medina

Medina is a historically important city. After Hijra, Medina was the first city where Muslims ruled. Many important events of Muslim history took place in this city. 345 more words


Winter Trip in the Regions Part II: Xınalıq and Laza

Aside from getting lost and acting as pawns in Fuad’s matchmaking games (as described in Part I), Dana and I were intent on visiting two remote villages, so remote that no one I talked to in Baku had been there, or really even thought about them as destinations worth noting. 1,423 more words

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Winter Trip in the Regions Part I: Quba

Good God, Hayley, another post that begins with “Part I”? You bet! A week after I returned from Hong Kong (described at great length in these posts: … 1,571 more words

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Hate in the Aftermath of Chapel Hill

In 2012, the American Muslim community experienced one of the biggest upticks of violence and harassment that the community has ever seen. Eleven years removed from 9/11, there was a seemingly unexplainable rash of attacks against mosques, including… 1,227 more words