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Plan to have no plan

We have a beautiful baby boy, Baby Gray.

Our journey of parenthood has begun and what better advice than that of my brother, “Plan to have no plan.” 77 more words

On a musical slant.

All it takes is one line to allow words intertwine

That’s Amore

Then you write one more line and that makes you feel fine

That’s Amore… 148 more words


Que Será, Será

“What will be, will be.”

These are words my mom would often say to me as a child. You can listen to the original song… 532 more words


God Opened The Door

God Opened The Door

By Corinne Roe

God Opened The Door and said,

“Come right on in”.

Reluctantly I squished my way through.

God, at ease, sat himself in the… 136 more words


Dear Uncle Ivan,

I hate you.
But do I really?

I hate that you left me.
Do you know how hard it is to watch your best friend slowly fade away over the years? 531 more words

The Storm


The skies suddenly went loco

The wind whistled like a boiling kettle

Blew branches off their mooring 

Birds flapped off course with it’s unrelenting waves… 101 more words

Tonic for Panic

There was a time I couldn’t ever just relax. It was just impossible.  And then I learned the trick.  And since then, I have done nothing but… 204 more words