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Antsy in Anticipation

I have always felt that “antsy” and “anticipation” go hand in hand.  And before too long, slowly yet surely, anticipation becomes synonymous to ANXIETY. 133 more words


Ah, Depression. We meet again.

It’s been a rough few months. There, I said it.

I have been cycling in out of migraines. My gastroparesis is flaring, and I haven’t had solid food since June. 1,662 more words


'Que Sera Sera' by Doris Day is the Santa Lucia Song Of The Day !

Que Sera Sera? what will be, will be?

Ok, this will be a great day for Restaurant Santa Lucia and pizza eating!


59. Quick Thought IX: "Qué será será"

Lately, I have this perception of living in a world full of fear. The international scene, the immigration crisis, the Brexit, the ultra-conservative parties gaining votes, and Trump as president, though I’m not sure if the alternative option made any sense either… World is a crazy place to be in this century, not that the previous was much better with 2 world wars and so much left for the history books. 469 more words

When I Was Just a Little Girl

Another guest editorial from my daughter.  This time it’s from her blog, the Cafe Girl Chronicles.  I’d wish she’d go back to writing instead of pushing me.   527 more words

Ethnic Humor

The Home Stretch

Our Youngest on Halloween

I can hear H moving the ladder around and climbing up on the roof. If we ever divorce, it will not be about another woman, it will be about that ladder and his penchant for high places. 271 more words

Day To Day

Quote for the Week (10/31/16)

“Que Sera Sera (whatever will be, will be).”