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Because Jen Hatmaker Told Me To

Things I love: sarcasm, the smell of books, children (yours, mine, the loud one in the next aisle, any and all of them), sleeping, using the restroom without interruption, laughing so hard incontinence becomes an issue, and WORDS. 766 more words

Que Sera Sera

The House

We made an offer on the house. It’s almost perfect except for one thing. Isn’t there always one blemish on a nearly perfect thing? That should be cross stitched on a pillow. 480 more words

Day To Day

think-provoking things for today

Thing 1:

“I have a theory, that is very unpopular in America, that the worst thing you can ever be is goal-oriented. In America it is taken as a sacred truth that the first step towards self-fulfillment and success it to set yourself goals.

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"The One" Doesn't Exist

Acquaintances and casual friends think I’m so stable. They make me laugh. Inside, it’s a non-stop tilt-a-whirl ride.

But just last week, I attended a seminar that helped to ground me. 496 more words

Other Thoughts

In Defense of the Duggars

I’ve made up my mind. There are two kinds of people on social media: those who like the over-sized Duggar family and those who roll their eyes at the mention of that now-household name. 806 more words

Que Sera Sera

Que sera, sera.. Whatever Will Be, Will Be.

I have always been a planner. The one with the great plan and a fixed path. Who was always planning the future and ready for the unknown.But somewhere between the past and now I lost myself. 845 more words


Roses Are Red Grass Is Green Poems Are Hard Mmmm Wine

When a wanted ad leaps from the laptop screen and smacks you between the eyes because it’s calling for someone to assist with the grass cutting of parks and roadsides and says you must have experience using mowers, whipper snippers and brushcutters, you answer it because you know you’d be the perfect little garden gnome for that job. 248 more words