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A Family Affair

It’s been a busy time. I haven’t written posts or visited blogs this week. We’re in spring planting mode around here, and H put down mulch Saturday. 836 more words

Day To Day


When a loved one succumbs to dementia, you know there are certain moments which are inevitable.  The moment she or he can’t lived at home any longer;  the moment when any meaningful conversation ceases; the moment she or he doesn’t recognise you; the moment when engagement, any engagement, is merely fleeting. 342 more words

Today, 7th April 2017

Today made me think a lot about FAITH. I do believe things happen for a reason, right or wrong, good or bad, everything is meant to be. 242 more words

Que Sera Sera - Happy Birthday Doris Day

Happy birthday Doris Day ! #myfavactress – remember Que Sera Sera – What will be, will be …
In Alfred Hitchcock’s movie – The Man Who Knew Too Much… 250 more words


Que será será 

This song came to my mind just when finally heading to bed. What will be, will be. I haven’t thought about this song since 2012 when I performed it in a music school in our neighborhood. 167 more words


Que Sera Sera

“When I was a little girl” we sang this song in our school music concert.  My younger sister and I, then, acquired the habit of dancing as we sang it, twirling at the words: “Que sera sera.” 382 more words


Shall I fear the worst?
Or hope for the best? Neither.
Just accept what is.