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East, West-it's the Mass that's best

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While we were away- and we’re not saying the two are necessarily connected- Cardinal Sarah has been in the headlines of the ecclesiastical press. 433 more words


It is what it is

About five or six nights ago, I watched an interesting and funny movie on Netflix. The title was “The 100 year old man who escaped from a nursing home… 697 more words

Que Sera, Sera

Note: It has been a while since I wrote something here. I come back now to write more for myself than the world. Somewhere someplace where I can keep my thoughts where someone may stumble upon them and read if it pleases them or just pass by. 288 more words


Only the Future Knows.

Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell have offered up their latest novels to the future, for they shall only be read in one hundred years. . . 491 more words

Words And Wonders From The World

What would Doris say?

Another one of those days when you want to achieve so much and it all goes horribly wrong. The bin is now full of Altenew aberrations, Craftwork Cards catastrophes and I just hope nobody heard all the expletives. 283 more words

Underestimating fate

I really hate the idea of destiny, whenever I’m playing a game and my character’s destiny is mentioned it annoys me. It means that my path to the end has already been written, I’m basically taking a train ride and occasionally get to look out the left or right window but know it won’t matter as to my end destination. 388 more words

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