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Another Day Another Lesson

I’m sitting on the beach; the waves peacefully crash on the shore and the seagulls circle overhead in search of an unsuspecting snacker. The sun starts sinking, soon to be barely peeking over the horizon as brilliant yellows, pinks, and purples melt into one another in the sky. 314 more words

Betta Fish


I woke at 2:00 a.m. and started thinking of Jeff. The funeral was yesterday, and I’ve never been to a more inspiring one, or one with such an eclectic group. 894 more words

Day To Day

Clarence Darrow Lives!

Last week, under a cloud of confusion, City Councilor Calvin Brown did a fantastic Clarence Darrow impression and litigated the latest City Hall controversy during a city council meeting. 100 more words

Local Politicians

Chicago Baby

“We’ve left our house in Spokane and are moving to a department (apartment) in Chicago,”  Amélie confided soberly. Moving is NO FUN! I was just Amélie’s age (5) when our family moved from Indiana to Michigan, and I was heart broken, particularly because I wasn’t sure how I’d find my way back home so I could marry my boyfriend (also 5) when we grew up. 539 more words

Family News

Que Sera Sera

It’s Maisies last week in the nursing home. I know she secretly loves it but she just won’t admit it…

Bernie And Ma