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Chicago Baby

“We’ve left our house in Spokane and are moving to a department (apartment) in Chicago,”  Amélie confided soberly. Moving is NO FUN! I was just Amélie’s age (5) when our family moved from Indiana to Michigan, and I was heart broken, particularly because I wasn’t sure how I’d find my way back home so I could marry my boyfriend (also 5) when we grew up. 539 more words

Family News

Back in Wien

Today I came to Vienna to hang out with Bev!

It was a very eventful day. I walked around 10km.

Bev and I went to Alla Salute… 662 more words


Que Sera Sera

It’s Maisies last week in the nursing home. I know she secretly loves it but she just won’t admit it…

Bernie And Ma

Too Much Doris? On a moment of 'excess' in The Man Who Knew Too Much

There’s a lot of lore written about Doris Day, her presence and her performance in Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much. In Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light,  953 more words

A Family Affair

It’s been a busy time. I haven’t written posts or visited blogs this week. We’re in spring planting mode around here, and H put down mulch Saturday. 836 more words

Day To Day


When a loved one succumbs to dementia, you know there are certain moments which are inevitable.  The moment she or he can’t lived at home any longer;  the moment when any meaningful conversation ceases; the moment she or he doesn’t recognise you; the moment when engagement, any engagement, is merely fleeting. 342 more words

Today, 7th April 2017

Today made me think a lot about FAITH. I do believe things happen for a reason, right or wrong, good or bad, everything is meant to be. 242 more words