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The History of Red Lips

I believe one of the best ways to gain confidence is through knowledge. So before I go about offering up tips and advice on lipstick, I want to share the history behind such a timeless cosmetic. 329 more words

Lady Of A Summer's Day

Another one of Lita’s magnificent creations, the one we call the ‘mother’s dress’. This image was taken when I was 22 years old, the role was a reenactment of a Lady Mary Hastings of Queen Elizabeth’s court. 249 more words


John Dee, Renaissance Man

The first ten or so years of my teaching career I would bring up John Dee (1527-1609) in one of my classes–he’s relevant to most of them really, whether it’s English history, or Atlantic history, or my courses on the early modern witch trials or the Scientific Revolution–and my students would look perplexed:  … 729 more words


On this Day in History

On this Day in History in 1559: Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey.

"To England, and the Queen!"*

On this day in 1559, Elizabeth I was crowned and anointed Queen of England and Ireland in Westminster Abbey. “Queen Elizabeth of famous memory—we need not be ashamed to call her so! 258 more words

England’s first State Lottery

Today on Days to Remember we celebrate how in 1567 England’s first state lottery was held.

Have you bought a lottery ticket and thought to yourself, “Who invented this whole thing?” 503 more words

Sunday Sonnet - 10 January 2016

Even a genius like Shakespeare can’t always hit a home run. But even his run-of-the mill sonnets exhibit all the best qualities of great verse, and if he had not written some of his scintillating treasures, we’d probably still be forcing high school students to read ones like 81. 411 more words