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How Elizabeth I taught me to stop Facebook-stalking men

I haven’t written about romance or relationships before. If you have read my posts before, you know I am very honest. But speaking of insecurities related to love puts one in a vulnerable position. 897 more words

Sincerity And Stuff

On Around Town, talking King Hedley II, Mary Stuart, and Cherokee

On this trio of Around Town discussions, host Robert Aubry Davis, Washington Post arts writer Jane Horwitz and I dissect Arena Stage‘s powerful King Hedley II, 83 more words

Windows Into Men's Souls (Poem)

“I would not open Windows into men’s Souls”. (Queen Elizabeth I).

What lies behind that grin? Virtue or sin?

You smile in denial. The night is closing in.

A bit of history on Mary, Queen of Scots

Dramaturgical notes on Mary Stuart

Six days before the death of her father, James V, (after battle with the English in southern Scotland) Mary Stuart was born on December 8th 1542, in the great royal palace of Linlithgow in Scotland. 404 more words

The Reformation: certainties and science

As part of my holiday reading, I completed a textbook on the history of the Reformation, entitled “Reformation: Europe’s house divided, 1490-1700″ which was written by Diarmind MacCulloch in 2003. 988 more words

Luisa Sermol on crafting Mary Queen of Scots in Mary Stuart

In three sentences, describe the character you play in Mary Stuart.

I play Mary Stuart, otherwise known as Mary Queen of Scots. Underneath the voluminous amount of history that describes her, she is, at her core, a woman of faith, passion, intelligence, and lover of beauty. 739 more words

A bit of ruff

I am delighted to report that Bess Throckmorton, the woman who served Queen Elizabeth I, married Sir Walter Ralegh, who rode the rollercoaster that was the Tudor and Stuart era, and whose soundtrack should surely be ‘I will survive’, lives again – in digital form. 229 more words