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A Time To Fight

A few days ago I was performing a reading on a famous American patriot, but I was interrupted by the looming presence of a large angry man. 288 more words

Wanted: A Husband for the Queen--Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

As Queen of England, Victoria was expected to produce an heir. Soon after her coronation in 1837 a search for a husband started. Since the Queen of England ruled in her own right, finding a husband presented some unique issues since there was really no precedent. 386 more words


International Women's Day

I didn’t even know this was an official day so that was a nice discovery. I want to celebrate it by listing a few of the women who have inspired me in my writing, artwork and just as a person. 345 more words

The Tournament by Matthew Reilly, Book Review

Goodreads Blurb 

The year is 1546.

Europe lives in fear of the powerful Islamic empire to the East. Under its charismatic Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, it is an empire on the rise. 542 more words


Victoria and Elizabeth

I can’t say that I think the newest PBS series Victoria is very good, but yet I still seem to be watching it: it’s cozy,  492 more words



Mary, Queen of Scots inherited the throne of Scotland at a young age of six after the death of her father King James V. A staunch Catholic, in 1568 she was defeated by a group of Scottish Protestants. 40 more words

Fact Food

"Learned Queen Bess"

Well, makes a change, this is a fairly innocuous tales for the littl’uns.

Taken from Little Folks a Magazine for the Young; 1890.

‘”Good Queen Bess” might also be called “Learned Queen Bess,” for she was one of the most accomplished women of her time. 94 more words