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Red Letter Days

When Henry VIII found himself in need of a divorce I’m sure he had no idea what a nest of hornets he released. The divorce should have been easy enough. 307 more words

Real Life

A Hardwick update

I know it sounds like all I’ve been doing recently is gallivanting round Trust properties and not actually doing any work at my own but that’s not the case, I promise we have been as busy at Hardwick as ever. 957 more words


London! Part Three... St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey!

There are many places of worship worth visiting in or around London, but most recently we visited St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.  Both are so much more than just houses of worship and if you have time I would highly recommend trying to fit both in. 807 more words


Just Great

Image: Late Greats

I’m creating a new series, Product Spotlight, to highlight items I think would make good gifts. To kick off I’d like to introduce you to… 135 more words


Ride a horse to Banbury Cross

Hey kiddies!  Three more to go! Three more rhymes and then I’m done – at least for a while! Meanwhile enjoy this rhyme!! Oh, and, Have a Happy Fourth of July! 402 more words

Auntie Goose

St Etheldreda (and Ely Palace)

June 23rd –  Today is the Feast of St Etheldreda …

The church of St Etheldreda

The church of St Etheldreda in Ely Place was originally built as a private chapel in Ely Palace (see below), owned by the Bishops of Ely,  in  around 1293, and pressed into service as an Anglican church after the Reformation.  482 more words

Site Is On A Lost City Of London Tour

WordPress Writing 101 Prompt #6: "Meeting" Grace O'Malley, badass Irish pirate lady

Today’s prompt is to write about an interesting person that I have met. I have decided to expand my definition of the word “met” to include not just people I have literally met, but also anyone living or dead whose story I have become aware of and learned about. 642 more words