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The Bacton Altar Cloth Revealed To Be The Only Surviving Gown of Queen Elizabeth I

One of the things I like to do both when I am giving tours or merely pottering around the countryside in my own time is to stop off an explore village churches.   834 more words


Elizabeth I's rainbow dress

Tudor fashion for noble women such as Elizabeth I was complicated it involved the basic smock or shift that was changed every day. Over this were layered and laced a body and a kirtle; then came the farthing gale with its stiffened hoops which gave the silhouette; then petticoats.   739 more words

Sixteenth Century

Queen Elizabeth I

Over the last couple of years I have had the honor of creating a reproduction Queen Elizabeth I gown for a private client. I can honestly say it has been made with blood, sweat, and probably tears (may have blocked that bit out. 160 more words

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The Golden Age of Gift-Giving

Before the Victorians and the twentieth century transformed Christmas into the extravaganza that it is today, New Year’s Day–in the midst of an extended Christmastide– was the occasion for offering and receiving gifts. 664 more words


Queen Elizabeth's Pirates & Explorers

Queen Elizabeth I, encouraged wild and ruthless men, to aid her in making Britain a powerful country and ruler of the waves.  She wanted better ships, mariners to explore the world, to get rich; pirating and raiding gold mines with her as their partner. 367 more words


Queen Elizabeth I’s Vast Spy Network Was The First Surveillance State | Atlas Obscura

In a lowly tavern in an English town in the 1580s, a group of men met to organize the assassination of their monarch, Queen Elizabeth I. 76 more words

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Advent Trivia Day 13:

Queen Elizabeth I invented gingerbread men.

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