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Sunday Sonnet - 24 May 2015

Shakespeare’s 154 Sonnets are famous and enduring for many reasons: their beauty; their poetic genius of lyricism and form; their originality and refusal to bend to conventions, whether Elizabethan or modern; the fact that some of them express love for a man, and other express love for an arguably unlovable woman. 418 more words

Day of Rest

I took a relatively easy day yesterday and did even more so today. Going full speed for a week straight wore me out, add friends on top of that and I was depleted. 464 more words


Flying Solo

Alli left for the airport this morning about the same time I was leaving for the day. I was sad to see her go, but incredibly blessed to have had her with me while I did. 554 more words


A Most Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Queen Elizabeth I was the fifth and final monarch of the Tudor dynasty. She was the daughter of Henry VIII through his second marriage to Anne Boleyn—who was executed when Elizabeth was two years old. 311 more words


The hoped-for social equilibrium

Keith Hudson

I need to consult all three parts of my morning newspaper to keep abreast of the latest bitter disputes going on in politics, business and sport.  752 more words

Where Small is not only Beautiful but . . . .

Keith Hudson

Every country on earth is ruled by a single adult male leader with a support group of two or three or four or five other men (but no more), whatever the complexion or complexity of the governmental organisation underneath. 900 more words

1567 – Shane O’Neill’s army crosses the Swilly estuary at Farsetmore, and is defeated in a pitched battle by Hugh O’Donnell.

Many drown while trying to escape; O’Neill loses 1,300 men.

The Battle of Farsetmore was fought near Letterkenny in Co Donegal, on 8 May 1567, between the O’Neill and O’Donnell Túath. 245 more words

Irish History