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Some notable members of Ottawa's key club

Tonight, Daniel (Alfie) Alfredsson will join an exclusive list of notable citizens who’ve received the “highest honour” in Ottawa – a key to City Hall. 325 more words

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Letters for Thursday, March 5

Focus on First Nations schools

Re:  “Money alone won’t solve First Nations’ problems,” Susan Martinuk, Opinion, Feb. 27.

 With the debate around the need for an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women, we should keep in mind that murder statistics for aboriginal men are even worse. 605 more words


Her Majesty Gets a Cheerful Makeover

It’s often reckoned that the Queen is the most photographed individual in history, mostly due to her image being reproduced countless times on coins and stamps during her lengthy reign, but the new design unveiled this week makes a bold statement and a great departure from previous portrayals of monarchs on British coins. 227 more words

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Membership List of The Knights of Malta

Published on Oct 19, 2013
Eric Prince from Blackwater (Bloodwater) is a Knight of Malta see how everything falls in its place ? Henry Kissinger Knight of malta , George Soros Knight of malta , Rudolph Guiliani Knight of Malta , George J Tenet Knight of Malta , H.W.Bush Knight of Malta , Prescot Junior Bush Knight of Malta , Amschel Meier de Rothschild Knight of malta , David Rockefeller Knight of malta , William Casey (CIA) Knight of Malta , Rick Santorum Knight of Malta , Queen Elizabeth II , Nelson Mandela even people like Bruce Willis and Robert de Niro are Knights !! 127 more words

Garter Ceremony (1948)

Published on Apr 13, 2014
Thought to be Selected Originals from late 1940s material.
Windsor, Berkshire.
Duke of Edinburgh is installed a Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter in ceremony at Windsor. 148 more words

Royal Flight Whirlwind and Wessex at the Helicopter Museum

The Queen’s Flight was formed in 1952 upon the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Up to that point it had naturally been known as the King’s Flight under the reign of her father, King George VI. 156 more words


Lakritz: Don't come here if you won't take the oath

The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear a case that’s been grinding its way through the lower courts over the years — the one in which three immigrants argue against taking an oath to the Queen as a requirement of Canadian citizenship. 642 more words