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Ouch House 200 fundraising auction this Friday at Duke Of Norfolk

Brighton DJ, RadioReverb presenter and Gscene cartoonist our Queen Josephine is ready to bang her hammer and is auctioning her Ouch House 200 artwork to fundraise for… 168 more words

Queen Josephine

Wildblood & Queenie's Brighton Pride Wonders

So many Brighton Prides. So many tunes. So many magnificent memories. This month we celebrate them with our BrightonPride25 chart. A small token of our appreciation for every single DJ, promoter, Pride worker, volunteer, business, clubber, marcher, campaigner, overworked bar tender and wiggler. 452 more words

Queen Josephine

Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion at Patterns 02.08.15

Sunday Sundae is a club with history. Sunday Sundae is a club with heart. The very best of Brighton Pride official clubbing, nothing comes close to that moment on Pride Sunday when we all come together as one, arms in the air, anthem in our hearts and love all around. 210 more words


Queen Josephine's Brighton Pride Weather Forecast

So here she is. The Pride weather Queen. Forecasting sunshine and fabulousness for the entirety of Brighton & Hove Pride 2015. Queen Josephine. Keeping us grinning since 1806. 68 more words

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The Wild Fruit Dance Tent at Brighton Pride

Ever since I can remember I’ve got goosebumps about the Wild Fruit Dance Tent at Brighton Pride. As a punter, as an admiring mate of the lucky DJ on the stage or later as a DJ in the tent myself, I’ve loved it. 315 more words

Queen Josephine

Reason 86979272972 why I love Queen Josephine: Ouch House 200

When my missus does something she does it right. The right way. And for the right reasons. So even when life knocks her down she gets back up the right way. 266 more words

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Queenie gets sweet with Sami Kubu

With Brighton Pride looming large and beautiful on the horizon, this month Queenie catches up with the gorgeous Sami Kubu to hear about her plans, discover where to find her busy dancefloors or to hear her on the radio, and to find out about her secret guitar wielding past……. 415 more words

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