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Queenie gets sweet with Sami Kubu

With Brighton Pride looming large and beautiful on the horizon, this month Queenie catches up with the gorgeous Sami Kubu to hear about her plans, discover where to find her busy dancefloors or to hear her on the radio, and to find out about her secret guitar wielding past……. 415 more words

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Queen Josephine's Ouch House 200 at Duke Of Norfolk Brighton Pride fundraiser

A Queen will always rise again after a fall. No matter how Ouchy that fall maybe. Boxing Day 2013 and my Queenie, DJ, RadioReverb presenter, camp gay man trapped in a lesbians body (but oh what a cute body) is involved in a horrible, terrible accident. 392 more words

Queen Josephine

Queenie gets Rude Boy with Waynsie

Ever wondered what happens between London and Brighton if you fancy a bit of a groove? Well here’s your answer. This month Queenie chats to DJ Waynsie Rude Boy who intends to move your dancing feet up Crawley way! 444 more words


Ouch House Calendar : May 2015

Download your free printable PDF of this month’s installment of the Ouch House 2015 calendar here 

Queen Josephine

Tonight: Wild Fruit presents Fabulous

Wild Fruit has always been about the people. Sure the tunes, the decor, the productions, the hostesses, the PA’s, the wild and wonderful themes and those Pride parties, oh those Pride parties, have all played a part in making Wild Fruit the legend it is today. 159 more words