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Daily Draw: Queen of Wands (Sinmora)

Today’s draw encourages you to do you, no matter what’s going on around you. Be yourself. Dance your dance. Don’t get caught up in trying to explain what you’re doing–people will either get it or they won’t. 86 more words


The Queen of Wands from the Thoth Tarot

Her elemental attribution is Water of Fire.

Her Zodiacal attribution is 20 degrees Pisces to 20 degrees Aries.

The 12 rays of light emanating from the crown of the Queen of Wands is the number of the signs of the Zodiac which is in turn representative of Nuit, who could be seen as the universal mother. 149 more words


I Crown Myself the Queen of Wands on Beltane

When Jupiter went direct and Venus entered Gemini, all of a sudden, the World Egg burst open with a phone call for an exciting job opportunity in Denver. 339 more words

Queen of Wands

A queen of the court is seated on a throne adorned with images of lions and lion’s heads. In her right hand she holds her staff; in her left hand, a sunflower. 313 more words


The Moon Day Forecast, 4/27/15

Greetings bitches!!!

It’s almost May Day/Beltane!! Or just, you know, May 1st for you muggle types. Yeah, I said muggle, don’t judge me.

Before moving on with the Forecast I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the tragedy that befell the people of Nepal this last week. 721 more words

The Moon Day Forecast

April 9, 2015 - Daily Tarot Draw

My cards for the day include:


Five of Wands
King of Cups (reversed)
Queen of Wands

Biddy Tarot Interpretation:
Five of Wands, King of Cups, Queen of Wands

Daily Tarot 4/8/15

Queen of Wands

You’ve been reaping the rewards of past ideas, plans that have manifested beautifully. Appreciate your accomplishments but don’t let the passion you have around them disrupt your cool, calm, and collected composure, especially if things don’t work out exactly as you’d hoped. 142 more words