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The spoiled rich child is a common character within the Kdrama universe but the sageuk’s rich kid  takes being a jerk to a whole new level. 1,260 more words



My interest in Chess has always been lukewarm, that is until I begun to watch sageuks,soon I started to compare the moves on the  board to many of the actions  taken by characters in the dramas.  932 more words


Summer's (Late) End

I can no longer with any stretch of credulity claim that it is still summertime, but I did want to tack on a conclusion to my Sageuk Summer project, clumsy as it is to do so in October. 1,136 more words

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Drama OST Favorites: Part II

Musical accompaniment can be the element that either elevates a scene and draws you into a story, or it can be the jarring note that throws you right out of the action. 680 more words

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A Tale of Two Rulers: Queen Seon Deok Halftime Report

Thirty-one episodes into Queen Seon Deok, and I can officially say I’ve hit the halfway point. It’s hard to believe how quickly I have made it this far, considering that it has taken me three times as long to watch half as many episodes on many an occasion. 1,651 more words

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Hydrangea's Sageuk Summer

Every drama fan knows that summer is a good time for two things: ghost stories and sageuks. The Hong Sisters have the first of those two covered with their upcoming drama… 1,817 more words

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Portraits of Prominent Female Figures in Asian History: Queen Seon Deok of Silla

This series has come about with the intention to shed light on North-East Asia’s prominent female figures that were often over shadowed by their male counterparts due to the influence of societies profoundly influenced by Confucianism and Patriarchy. 475 more words