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Celebrity and the face of the monarchy

Thailand’s monarchy, politically powerful and hugely wealthy, is composed of an odd bunch of royals. They are nothing if not a visual spectacle of strangeness and some seem to delight is somewhat strange behavior.   226 more words

Easter Post: After the Rain

This Easter, I think of renewal, and why I like taking photographs after a downpour. It’s a combination of a myriad of things: the smell of the hot earth after getting drenched (which they call petrichor), the world’s caesura broken by birdsong, the grass greener and springier, the wet earth giving back what it cannot absorb, those glistening raindrops precariously clinging on bruised blooms and tougher leaves, the butterflies staying completely still until their wings dry and they will flit unceasingly once more. 345 more words


Benjakitti Park in Thailand

As a backpacker, I tried to minimize my expenses by taking trains and walking nearby parks.

If you want to escape from a huge busy city,  from my place at Hom Hostel and Cooking Club at Nana Square, I need to walk around 2 kilometers to reach Benjakitti Park. 157 more words

Observation #2 The Event Held in BKR School - Mother's Day

We were really lucky to be assigned in Thailand, especially in BKR School in August. It’s because there were so many events held by the school. 323 more words

Updated: Royalism undermines popular sovereignty

Everyone knows that the prince, now king, began his purges of the palace from late 2014, when he “divorced” Srirasmi. Dozens of her family and associates were jailed. 646 more words

Happy Birthday, Sirikit - Thai Mothers Day

August 12 is designated in Thailand as National Mother’s Day (วันแม่แห่งชาติ — Wan Mae Haeng Chat) which commemorates the birthday in 1932 of Sirikit (สิริกิติ์). 1,355 more words


Conspiratorial musings

Shawn Crispin at the Asia Times has a view that everything that happens in Thailand is a conspiracy. When he reports on Thailand’s politics, it is almost never from an on-the-record source. 941 more words