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Victoria the Great – for fans of anything Victorian

I commented on the new television series, Victoria, and how horrified I was by the deliberate changes to history (such as making a teenage girl’s ageing mentor her love interest!). 342 more words


Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

by Daisy Goodwin
St. Martin’s Press

Alexandrina was 15 years-old when she realized that she would probably become Queen of England.  Although she didn’t dread her fate, she did worry.   357 more words

An Orthodox Cathedral and the Statue of Liberty are some monuments you would not expect to find in Nice… but its rich history gave the city many more surprising buildings, worth a special touristic itinerary to unusual places. 662 more words


Eating with your fingers

“Natalie was nervous because I had explained that she would be treated differently because she was white, that she would have to work harder than other girls to gain my parents’ trust. 781 more words


Victoria Recap: Have You Come to Give Me a Lesson in Government?

On Sunday night, the first two episodes of Victoria, “Doll 123” and “Ladies in Waiting,” premiered on PBS, filling the time slot left over when… 1,406 more words

Kensington Palace

January 16: Arthur, Duke of Connaught Dies

On this day, January 16, in 1942, Arthur, Duke of Connaught died at Bagshot Park in Surrey, the current home of Edward, Earl of Wessex and his family. 615 more words

Queen Victoria


We were still reeling from the sheer size of the Gold Buddha, these are a few pictures of the exterior of the building it’s housed in. 256 more words