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Review on my book "Georgian Trick Riders In American Wild West Shows, 1890s-1920s" by ALISON L GOODRUM

Irakli Makharadze, Georgian Trick Riders In American Wild West Shows, 1890s-1920s
(Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company Inc., 2015). Pp. 210. US$29.95 (pb).
ISBN 978-0-7864-9739-3… 1,506 more words

Monarchs of England: House of Hanover

1714-1727 George I

Born on 28th May 1660 in Hanover, in the Holy Roman Empire, George I was the great-grandson of James I and was crowned on 20th October 1714. 484 more words


Civ 6 Rise and Fall: Scotland Pt 2

Time to recap what ended up being a very busy Classical Era. For part 1 you can read here. Once again, this is on a Europe TSL Map. 745 more words


Victorians Being Bad

Victorians Undone By Kathryn Hughes

Can you write a credible history of an era by focusing on parts of the body; or, more correctly regarding Victorians Undone, by using body parts as launch vehicles into interesting aspects of Victorian mores, style, medicine, law, social life, and more? 426 more words


Twitter Project

Here is a link to my Victorian Period study guide.


London Calling: A Day Trip Out Of My Comfort Zone

As a writer, most days I can easily predict how my day is going to go. Wake early, crawl out of bed, downstairs, make tea and sit at my desk until there’s a child in front of me looking for breakfast. 962 more words

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