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Something to Think About...Grand Plans & God's Plan...

The first order of business for the gospel message is to deal with Old Testament law that said, “The soul that sins shall die.”   The salvation of souls is God’s main order of business. 316 more words

Fish and Chips forever

There’s been fish and chips sold together in Britain since the 1860s. The first mention of chips of potato being deep fried, if Wikipedia can be trusted, comes from A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. 517 more words


February 29, 1852

Feb 29

1852 Sunday  It was quite windy and mother

was unable to attend meeting all day so

I staid at home with her this morning. 467 more words

19th Century

The Canadian who would be king: What it's like to be the great-great-great grandson of Queen Victoria

Hermann Leiningen had a “simple” childhood growing up in Toronto in the 1960s. He went to French school, babysat to earn pocket money, played road hockey and loved the Toronto Maple Leafs completely, with a devotion to player statistics that, perhaps, foreshadowed his career in high finance. 1,235 more words


Melting & Knitting

Today I finally got to teach another class! After being sick last week and having snow this week, I was ready to see my students again. 177 more words

At last: The Sign

It took a week or so but now it’s clearly visible in Queen Victoria Street in Stanford, South Africa.

No sign

Since yesterday

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Bombardment of Alexandria 1882

Up until the Second World War, Egypt had been one of the most important North African posts within the British Empire. It had gained a new importance with the opening of the French-financed Suez Canal on the 17th September 1869 which took off over 4,000 miles of the journey to India and Britain’s Far East possessions. 2,141 more words