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June 28, 1838 : Coronation of Queen Victoria

Victoria (1819 –1901) was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until her death.
Her coronation took place on 28 June 1838 at Westminster Abbey. 79 more words


The Queen and her Indian Servant

Its movie trailer sparked my interest when I was inside a movie theater waiting for the showing of a juvenile film during  the weekend. This is the kind of movie I have wanted to watch since I’m now sick and tired of ones that are more on fantasy and cruel and bloody action. 276 more words

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Queen Victoria Crowned

28 June 1838 – At the age of 19, Queen Victoria was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom. pic.twitter.com/AAafuowmVE

— History (@HistoryTime_) June 28, 2017


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The Bizarre Ritual of the 19th Century Wedding Photo

Love had little to do with marriage in 19th century America. It was a formal contract, often economical, and romance was generally an incidental perk. After photography grew in popularity, the stiff ceremony of the event could be memorialized as a Cabinet Card; a style of portrait photography, mounted on card. 978 more words

Bring Me Some Rabbits, He Ordered. He Had No Idea

By Ken Zurski

Thomas Austin likely had no idea he alone would be blamed for the massive jackrabbit infestation in Australia which grew so expeditiously that it reached epidemic proportions in the late 1800’s. 1,775 more words


The Accession of Queen Alexandrina Victoria I, 20 June 1837

William IV died, after a lingering illness, early on the morning of Tuesday 20 June 1837. He had lived to see his niece Princess Victoria celebrate her 18th birthday – and therefore her majority – on 24th May, and he had the satisfaction of knowing that Victoria would succeed to the throne in her own right, without being subject to a regency. 734 more words

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The Accession of Queen Victoria

On June 20, 1837, King William IV of the United Kingdom died at the age of 71 and Victoria began her nearly 64-year reign as queen. 7,976 more words

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