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Some Reasons for Keeping a Journal

It is well to begin with a distinction between a diary and a journal. After all, Anne Frank was said to keep a diary and not the Journal of Anne Frank.  980 more words

Writing In General

Queen Victoria's Journals

The Queen apparently keeps a diary, and has done so for many years.  It will no doubt be pure gold for future historians, though I doubt whether it will appear in my lifetime. 577 more words


Queen Victoria's Journals


The private records of Queen Victoria have been digitized and made available to the public on this website.


Queen Victoria's Journals

The Royal Archives, Bodleian Libraries and Proquest have teamed up to make Queen Victoria’s Journals free accessibly online for the first time. It seems appropriate in the Diamond Jubilee year of our own Queen that these wonderful documents are being made available especially as Queen Victoria was the first monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. 73 more words

Ever wondered what it's like to be a Queen...?

If our adventures have whetted your appetite for all things Victorian, why not check out the diaries of Queen Victoria herself? They are just becoming available to read online, thanks to the work of the Royal Archives, the Bodleian Libraries and ProQuest. 31 more words

Queen Victoria's journals

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role played by journals in creativity and innovation.  I’ll post more on this later when I have time to write.  93 more words