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Queen of Nothing

I continue to play with the enticing anagrams that brilliant writer Max Meunier made of my name.

i sat in cherry

upon the hand carved… 97 more words



​Head down as I walk with fierce, I’am not strong enough to face my fears. Look those in the eyes who fear your fear, those be the ones who hurt and kill.

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15 January 1559: Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England

15 January 1559: Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England

Two months after the death of her half-sister, Queen Mary I, 25-year-old Elizabeth Tudor was crowned Queen Elizabeth I at Westminster Abbey in London,  at  12pm.  23 more words

On This Day

The Bothy Braemar

With the arrival of the new year came new resolutions – and one of mine was to take more time off at weekends, and explore further the beautiful Scottish countryside. 376 more words


Queen mutiara kapsul

Kapsul queen mutiara, kapsul nie banyak sangat manfaatnyer, sangat tak terduga weii.
🎀mencegah penuaan.
🎀membersihkan kulit
🎀Menghilangkan jeragat
🎀menenangkan minda
🎀merawat insomnia (bagus untuk para pelajar) 62 more words

The Isolated Gem Pt.2

June 21, 2016
Similar to the gem in the hands of the miner…

She is a Queen; a precious Jewel, but not an ordinary one. A rare jewel that hasn’t been seen before that… 517 more words

You, Stranger!

When you hear my words, close your eyes. Think hard on what I say. I tend to talk in riddles hiding the bluntly words that I fear.

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