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Alicia Keys - Back to Life

“I think I’ve created something timeless, music that could come out today or 30 years from now. It will remain powerful.”

I’m really aching for the new Alicia Keys album to come out. 37 more words


Once a small child with big brown eyes,

All she wanted to do was learn to fly.

She’d go outside to feel the breeze,

All she wanted to do was sail the seas. 206 more words

Hornet's Nest

In dusky ink, it seems to
hum with electricity, surrounded by
a swirl of constant motion.
That unseen malfunctioning bulb,
beyond reach and screened
by leaves, throughout the summer, 71 more words


The grass isn't always greener

By: Nikita George

Laughing is not my forte

and yet

here I am amused

I try over and over

until I begin to be consumed… 82 more words


“I think alot of people are afraid of being happy because of what others might think of it.”


The love and respect I have for Rihanna can not be described.   31 more words

Listen Up Newbie, Don't Make Me Shoot You

Commercial Pilot Advising his New Co-Pilot at 30’000 feet

Pilot: Now, there will be times when you think to yourself, gee I’d like to throw this bird into a barrel roll, just once. 305 more words

300 Words Or Less

Sleeping Handsome

Once there lived a king and queen who really wanted to have a child, but could not. They tried lotions and potions and various motions, but nothing worked, and they remained childless. 1,741 more words