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Season 5 Episode 6 Review:

Hey Wolfies!

So much happened in yesterday’s episode so I wanted to talk about it!

Opening Scene:

The opening for this episode confused me so much, I had no idea what was happening but then I realized it flash-forward, but was I the only one extremely freaked out about Scott? 677 more words


Dear Sister… the Universe said you need to fix my hair!

Dear Jess,

1st let me tell you that I just adore you. I love our time together, our intimate talks, our personal accountability for each other and our spiritual growth. 384 more words



I have been saying how I have been overdoing things and I needed to take a rest, however it never seemed the right time to rest as I have so much that needs to be done and that I need to just do, I hate just sitting around doing nothing, being unproductive. 411 more words

Live Aid 1985, Queen and an Accidental Husband

What is the most unlikely place to meet a husband? Answer: At a Queen concert in Stockholm, Sweden, 1986, amongst 36,000 people! Was it fate? I’m not sure. 613 more words

Family Life

About The African Queen (1951)

World War I is said to be bloodiest war in history. The Great War began in 1914. It was a global battle that would change the landscape of powers.The two opposing alliances were primarily the United Kingdom, France and Russia defending against Germany and Austria-Hungary. 114 more words