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Longview Queenie Pinot Grigio 2017

Named for the Saturno family’s Grandmother, affectionately known as Queenie. All stainless steel fermentation and stylistically keeping to Grigio with very little blush colour.

Longview, Queenie, Pinot Grigio, Adelaide Hills, 2017… 68 more words

Tasting Notes

5 supernatural queens you should be channeling all-year round

As seen through beloved classics such as the, ““The Twilight Zone,” to the heavily queued Netflix hit, “Stranger Things,” supernatural television shows have been tickling minds for decades. 449 more words


Travelling in Time, interview with a Flight Attendant

Image: (Fukagawa 2017a)

According to Cray, it is believed that “24/7 markets and a global infrastructure for continuous work and consumption have been in place for some time, but now a human subject is in the making to coincide with these more intensively.” (Crary 2013) It is obvious to say that the boundary between work and rest has blurred in recent years due to the advancement in global communication and the existence of shift work. 558 more words


Dream, Sleep and Work

Personally, I love thinking about the future. Just imagining what happens in the future helps me to set up goals and aims which gives me the power to keep moving on. 549 more words


Clairvoyant, my process on developing the speculative design

Based on our current society, our group believe that people in our future society there will be an increasing amount of people working as a shift worker and the mainstream of working society is no longer 9-5. 618 more words


A Treasure To Keep - Queenie & Christian's Maui Wedding

We had the distinct pleasure of being the Maui Destination Wedding Photographer for Queenie and Christian on a gorgeous South Maui day. Gathering with loved ones on the rolling grassy knoll at the ever stunning Gannon’s property, this beaming Las Vegas couple was the picture of happiness as they met beneath the arbor. 118 more words