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Your best accessory is your individuality!!

Not that I intent to discriminate, disassociate or disgrace any tribe. These are generic references that we are likely to have encountered at some point in our lives. 448 more words


Black Queen (2001. The first actual poem I ever wrote)

From ancient princesses of the Nile

To a modern day Queen from Strong Isle

No one can take my pride or identity

Because I have the blood of a powerful people within me. 84 more words


True Success In The Modern World

“Anyway, I gotta go, now. Daddy’s in the middle of something. Bye”

He gets up on his feet and Sherry frantically gasps for air as she remained lying down on a bench with her wrists and ankles tied to each leg. 59 more words


Why Women Cheat on Good Men

First let me say: I, Yolanda Yonela Mqoqi hereby do not hold myself responsible for any possible chest pains, newfound PMS or being iffy which maybe be caused by this post. 1,182 more words


How Dare You!

How dare you even attempt to make me feel like I am not worthy because I dont fit into your definition of ‘beautiful’ ? Why would I want to look like everyone else? 374 more words


If you’re not telling yourself that you are EVERYTHING, what are you doing with your life?

We like to dumb ourselves down as people, so we don’t seem arrogant and over-confident, but positive affirmations about ourselves to ourselves are so important. 511 more words