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Why Women Cheat on Good Men

First let me say: I, Yolanda Yonela Mqoqi hereby do not hold myself responsible for any possible chest pains, newfound PMS or being iffy which maybe be caused by this post. 1,182 more words


How Dare You!

How dare you even attempt to make me feel like I am not worthy because I dont fit into your definition of ‘beautiful’ ? Why would I want to look like everyone else? 374 more words


If you’re not telling yourself that you are EVERYTHING, what are you doing with your life?

We like to dumb ourselves down as people, so we don’t seem arrogant and over-confident, but positive affirmations about ourselves to ourselves are so important. 511 more words


Wash Day Essentials

Like a lot people I know, washing my hair can be a bit of a drag. And having my natural texture, well it truly takes up my whole day. 707 more words

As I Am

I am Fat...

And no. This is not a pity party.

Fat is not an illness, yes there are illnesses that are associated with being fat, it is however not a sickness. 332 more words


Xiomara Maynard Morgan ~ Boss Queen, January Edition

By:Angie B. | selfmadequeenangie@gmail.com

Es un honor para mi presentar a la BOSS QUEEN del mes de Enero, ya que es una persona con la que laboré por un corto periodo de tiempo, pero que admiro y quiero mucho. 342 more words


Love your life. It will love you back.

Love your life ❤️. We sometimes take for granted the time we have here, because we tend to think we have all the time in the world. 19 more words