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His Hands Were Not Bound (fiction)

His hands were not bound but he could not move. He was not gagged; not exactly, but he could not speak or see or hear, barely. 840 more words


Hold Back

Most men fear a strong woman because she will not put up with him treating her less than the woman she is. I for one am a strong woman in many eyes because of the life I have lived. 534 more words

Erotic Fantasy Life

Where has the Time Gone?

The boat will be arriving tomorrow, your today I imagine! Sometimes I just felt like I have been on this island forever, probably due to the lack of new stimuli. 232 more words

Sandy's babies, or how I became a Grand-Queen!

First I should probably explain the title. Since intact female cats are called “Queens,” when my baby girl Sandy had kittens, I went around bragging to everyone that I was now a “Grand-Queen!” Yes, I really was just that proud of the babies! 875 more words

A week on

Well it’s a week today since the kittens were born. They are growing well and Delilah is mostly feeding them herself.

They are gaining the 10g a day that they should do for newborn kittens. 86 more words

Pregnant Cat

They are here!

And they are here. 5 boys and 1 girl, combination of black, grey and some with a little white.

Delilah spent last night on the en suite tiled floor, you could feel her stomach going hard. 341 more words

Pregnant Cat

Got to be soon!

Delilah is still fat, more like a beach ball now! She’s grooming a lot and you can see the kittens moving when she lies on her side. 118 more words

Pregnant Cat