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Hello ladies!

Welcome to Grown Woman 101!  So I created this blog to talk about all things woman!  Listen, society has definitely changed and so have women…now it is okay to be liberated, independent, intelligent…etc…however, we still have to be women!  26 more words



No soy amante de los centros comerciales. Contrario a la mayoría de mis paisanos, ir a ventanear no es un hobby para mi. Por lo tanto no es de mi preferencia ir a comer a uno de estos concurridos sitios. 335 more words


Review 001~Aeropuertos Panamá, Panamá Pacífico

La primera vez que pise el aeropuerto antes conocido como Howard fue en mi segunda oportunidad como aeromoza. El nivel de Jet set era lo más lujoso que tu imaginación te permita pensar. 324 more words


Keep Queening

You have to get going, you have to keep pushing. You have to believe that the next moment has something better.

I keep at it because I simply believe something greater is about to happen. 23 more words



The dictionary definition of a Queen is: the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth. Being a queen is something all women have within, but must master the power over time. 434 more words

Wellness & Self-Care

What kind of Queen do you choose to be?

Hey loves! I wanted to share an interesting article that I recently read. It was on The Felicity Bee blog, and the article gave six points on how to thrive in life. 109 more words


Look out for number 1 

It’s always a tough decison for a queen to pick between love and success. But here’s the thing if you find a partner that cares about you and your dreams you wouldn’t have to pick between the two. 122 more words