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Parliament and the Queen’s Speech

Let’s talk about the queen and Parliament. Why? Because it’ll give us an excuse to visit all sorts of traditional English lunacy.

Sorry, pageantry.

The queen appears in Parliament once a year, to deliver the Queen’s Speech, which gets so many capital letters that even I’ll use them, and I’m an aggressively lower-case kind of person. 2,342 more words


Austere Consideration

Why does it feel like the Conservative Party machine is dead on its feet? Has it learnt nothing from the abject disaster of Theresa May’s hands-off campaign? 622 more words


Brexit will continue to be weaponised against Corbyn

The Queen’s Speech has set the tone for the entire parliament; opponents within and without the party will use Europe to disrupt Corbyn’s leadership

For somebody often derided for lacking in political nous, Jeremy Corbyn – in keeping with the general theme of his public reappraisal following June 8th – proved anything but in his positioning of the Labour party vis-a-vis Britain’s exit from the European Union. 2,860 more words

Exclusive: Gardiner on the Queen's Speech EU 'tantrum': 'unhelpful'

Softly-spoken Labour MP Barry Gardiner, who terrorised mainstream media interviewers during the General Election campaign with his pinpoint attacks on their bias and poor journalism and… 329 more words

Further clues about the discount rate?

Just after the election result in a blog dated 9 June I referred to “a much-changed form of political calculus” because of the hung Parliament. A… 611 more words


Umunna's EU amendment. Nothing to do with his front-bench rejection, of course

Chuka Umunna’s grandstanding on his unwinnable EU amendment on Thursday was only ever going to serve the purposes of one person: Chuka Umunna.

But it was nothing new. 516 more words

Tories don't think #MayDup govt can stand - advertising for #GE17_2 staff

The Tories are stumbling through the charade of trying to get their ‘thin gruel’ Queen’s Speech through Parliament.

First they scraped a narrow win against Corbyn’s amendment to actually stop making police, firefighters, doctors, nurses and other public servants poorer. 213 more words